PS Elements 4.0 vs. PS7 - speed?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by eye-of-searle, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. I currently have PS7 and 512MB ram. Needless to say, it runs slow.
    I understand that adding ram with increase the speed but my computer
    can only expand to 1GB total ram. I am not sure if this will be

    An alternative is the go ahead and upgrade to 1GB of ram as planned
    and maybe switch to Elements 4.0. I don't do heavy PS work and I
    mainly use it for resizing, image adjustements, coverting to B&W,
    dodging/burning, touch ups, layers, mask etc. Nothing major.
    Elements will do all of these things.

    The big question, will Elements run faster than PS7 on 1GB of Ram?
    I don't mind spending the money on Elements if it will be a speed

  2. If Elements is based on Photoshop CS, it will run slower.
    Windows XP alone consumes about 250 MB just sitting there. The other 250 MB are doled out in a conservative fashion. Upgrading to 512 MB will dramatically improve PS7 if RAM is your largest bottleneck.
    This is worth a read:

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