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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by nomm de photo, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. I just received my first PS7 edited (and saved for Web) photo
    posting rejection notice and I don't understand why your software
    program has this problem. I upload PS7 (saved for the the Web) to
    many other photo groups with no problem. This means that I have to
    re-edit every PS7 photo I want to upload to this site. Given that
    each photo has to be uploaded one at a time, this becomes very
    tedious indeed.
  2. I tried the suggested "save to web" technique and the photos still will not upload. How about updating your server software?
  3. I wrote a program that uses Photoshop to transfer 5400dpi TIFF scans into several different sizes of JPEG, each with appropriate profile conversions, watermarking, and sharpening. Unfortunately with Photoshop CS's scripting engine, using Save for the Web is not an option...this means I got the error message from when trying to create a portfolio here.

    To get around this, I now use a program called jhead to strip all non-image information from the jpeg files. As an added bonue, this non-image information used a significant amount of file space. So if you don't use the metadata anyway, it's a nice method to make your images (especially thumbnails) quite a bit smaller.Here's an old post with more detail.
  4. There seem to be quite a few people who have trouble with PS7. Members have suggested quite a few things to solve the problem. You may want to try to:

    - reduce the file size

    - shorten the file name

    - try to upload the photo a few times in a row, by
    hitting the back button on your browser

    - re-check that you are saving in 'save for the web' format

    - try to upload the photo from a different browser or computer

    - wait a few hours and try again

    Hope this helps.
  5. Thank you all for your thoughtful suggestions. I will certainly put them to use. I am very impressed with the quality of work posted on this site and will do whatever I can to take part in this illustrious community of photographers.
  6. And to add a newly-noticed wrinkle, for experimental purposes, restart your computer after setting it to an English (U.S.) keyboard, as in my experience, some foreign languages captions will be rejected by the servers and the same photo will immediately be accepted when the caption in a foreign keyboard is stripped and replaced by an English keyboard generated caption.

    John (Crosley)
  7. Using PS7 and save for web at quality 60 I normally have no problem. Once in a great while PN will not take the upload. I merely try it a second time and it uploads
  8. Also check that the Photoshop 7 image "Save for web" file you are trying to upload has not defaulted to 'All files" format and is still "Image giff/jpeg"

    The one pic at a time is a good thing in my eyes as otherwise we would be even more flooded with crappy pics!
  9. I had occasional problems with both PS CS and PSP 8, even reposting them, always with the same pictures. Usually I receive no error messagge and I am readdressed to the "manage my portfolio" page. Some of the pictures are resampled with Irfanview (the only program I have on my own computer). I can't understand what's wrong, I do apparently the same things to two different pictures and the result is that one goes and the other doesn't. More, files are named by my camera, always with the same structure.
    Has anyone had the same experience?

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