Provia 400X presentation and comparisons.

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  1. Hi everyone! While Nikon and Canon are battling each other introducing one year lasting digital crap, a lot of folks on this forum are still shooting film and enjoying wonderful world of photography the way it should be. A couple times I've read an opinion complaining that some photoneters are shooting with new Provia 400X and never posting any images. Since I'm among those who use this emulsion a lot, I've decided to respond to such critics. Unfortunately, when I took my shots I?ve never thought to make any comparisons or tests. But after reviewing my works I've found that I might have some material to present on this forum and help some of you to understand this emulsion better. Before I post my images I'd like to make some notes. *All images were scanned using Coolscan V in factory default setting except: ICE - normal, DEE ? 10. No color management or another post processing applied. *100% crops are made from 5600 x 3700 res. *All images were taken handled, without tripod, at relatively slow shutter speed, so that the sharpness cannot be justified. *All images taken in aperture priority mode. The shutter speed is approximate, indicated on the camera display (the actual shutter speed is stepless). First three pics compare Kodak Elite 200 with Provia 400X
  2. The 100% crop of #1 pic.
  3. Pic #2, Provia 400X at 1/80s, f5.6
  4. The 100% crop of #2 pic.
  5. Pic #3, Provia 400X at 1/125, f5.6
  6. The 100% crop of #3 pic.
  7. Next 4 images compare Provia 100F with 400X.
  8. The 100% crop of the same pic.
  9. Pic #5, Provia 400X, Golden Hours, KR3 filter + polarizer.
  10. The 100% crop of #5 pic.
  11. Pic #6, Provia 100F, Heavy Overcast, no filter.
  12. Pic #7, Provia 400X, Heavy Overcast, no filter.
  13. Next two images compare Provia 400F with 400X. Unfortunately those images are not identical. But if you take a look at the grey stone street you'll see the difference in color reproduction.
  14. Pic #9, Provia 400X, Heavy Overcast, 81A filter.
  15. And a few more pics on Provia 400X.
  16. I really apologize for my poor presentation, since I don't have much experience with PS. But I hope that for some of you it might be interesting.

    So, your opinions please.
  17. Nice work, Roman. Your efforts are appreciated.

    Regarding pics #8 (Provia 100F) and #9 (Provia 100x), which would you say more accurately depicts the actual colors?
  18. Thanks Roman. I've had three rolls of that stuff for months that I still haven't got around to shooting (I don't usually need 400 speed), but from your and others' results I'm looking forward to it.
  19. Great Job Roman!!!!! This is what we need to see more of - pictures, not words and opinions comparing one film to another.
  20. Thanks, Roman! No wonder you shoot so much 400X - it looks excellent.
    Again, I'm not as impressed by Provia 100F as everybody else seems
    to be. Those have the worse image structure of anything you posted.
    Looks like 400X is lower contrast than 400F, and warmer in yellows,
    whereas Elite 200 is warmer in magenta. Too bad the Elite 200 image
    was not exactly one stop away from the 400X comparisons. Elite 200
    like an excellent film also.
  21. GREAT!! I always love the look of fujichrome. It seems that the 400F has more of a blue color. I shot 2 rolls a year ago, and haven't been able to find it cheep enough to get any more, so, I settle with Velvia 100F another fine film.
    Looks great though. I don't think it needs any PS!
  22. Here is 400X Golden Hours slightly edited.
  23. Thanks, guys! Your opinion is appreciated.

    Bill, this is a wonderful job! Great skill! I would like to have something like that.

    About Elite 200 vs 400X. It's not really noticeable after scanning, but on my light table the 400X at 1/125s looks a bit darker than Elite 200 at 1/50s. So, we can assume that the 400X is exactly one stop faster than Elite 200. Basically, it's a true 400 film.

    And about color reproduction of those two films, I believe it's really personal. I've already complained on this forum that Elite lacks some blue/cyan tones. Apparently that the 400X is more film for me - it gives more "blues". And grain looks identical. But, oh boy, the 400X is almost twice price of Elite 200.


    Neither is true. But I suggest that the 400F represents it the same way that what you can see at a heavy overcast day: slightly dull and miserable. Unfortunately, the Provia 400F, same as Provia 100F, tends to shift colors toward blue/magenta cast at overcast conditions. The 400X, despite it looks warmer, doesn't make any noticeable color shifting. But it looks brighter and lively than in reality. Also the 400X is very sensitive to warm filter. Even the usage of a light 81A filter might bump up the warmness quite a bit.

    My opinion about this film as follow:
    Pros: Very, very versatile - good for any conditions, with filter and without. Has good forgiveness to your exposure mistakes. Lively, warm, clean yet saturated colors. Holds the high contrast situation with pride. Scanned exceptional well. And this film is nothing but 400 version of Velvia 100F (this is my favorite film too).

    Cons: Pricely. The grain is still looks disappointed. Fuji claims that the 400X has RMS 11, so has the Kodak 100VS. I had no opportunity to compare those films face to face, but it seems to me that the 400X is coarser. And for some taste it might not be saturated enough.
  24. I used about 30 rolls of the 400X in Africa, it's got amazing latitude, saturation, there is some grain. I've got some great comparisons between Velvia 100 and the Provia 400X, sorry no time to post results. I think the Provia is a bit more fair, it's just a great slide film with massive latitude. I pulled it 1/3 stop. But I ended up with great shots from a slow moving vehicle where I never had a tripod, taking pics of moving animals mostly moving slow. Had tremendous results, the Velvia just wasn't really fast enough, though I got some amazing pictures in morning sun and just before nightfall with the Velvia 100 that you can't get with the Provia 400X.
  25. Roman, thanks a lot!
  26. Lee, did you ever post any pictures from your trip?

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