Provia 100f vs E100G and E100GX

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by eddie bowers, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. I just ordered the new Kodak films from B&H and expect it any day
    I am going to run some test on it, but was wondering if anyone else
    has yet.
    I like Provia, and have been spoiled by it's lack of grain, but I
    want a little more saturation. I'm hoping the new Kodak film will
    give me that.

  2. To add an additional question to Mr. Bower's one (sorry!, hope you don't mind), can anyone here justify the doubling of price?!? Why is this film so darn expensive. It's purported to be "warmer" and giving "more brilliant whites" on the Kodak website...but who knows what the heck that means in real terms. Kodak makes it seem like 100G is their studio/portrait film and GX is the outdoor "warmer" version. I find Provia a bit cool, perhaps I am spoiled by Velvia's colour pallette. Does anyone have any positive experiences with this film yet? Can anyone justify the rediculous pricing? Thanks, and thanks Eddie. MDB, Okayama, Japan.
  3. I haven't tried it but the specs seem great which leads to the question of pricing: there's no free lunch. Kodak isn't exactly known for fine grained chromes (oh well they used to be, when trains were powered by steam...)and if they have finally come up with something they must have put some serious money into their research department. Or worse still, maybe they secretly have Fuji make the G series...
  4. Oh please. Of course the new film is going to be expensive for a while. What difference does it really make? I mean, considering the cost of everything else in photography, film price is of little importance for all else but action photography. And due to digital, (all) film will get still more expensive little by little.

    I thought Kodak slides at iso 100 and slower are very fine grained, considering the colour rendition. Sure, Fuji makes a finer grained iso 100 film but it's just one film with one colour palette, which I don't like. Thus, Provia is of no use to me. I've had very good luck with E100SW and no grain complaints there, except when using it for landscape photography. But even then you can always shoot a bigger piece of film. Or E100GX. Which I'm sure I will use tons of.
  5. But still, I'd like some impressions from someone who has actually used the stuff. Surely there's someone out there who has tried it??
  6. I'm going to try to shoot some this weekend, but the bleak weather may not make for a very good test :(
  7. What's the verdict Eddie?
  8. Yesterday only I found out about these films. I was in the same situation. I liked provia 100F for it's grain and scanning power. I'm a big time fan of Velvia. After velvia, E100VS was the best color. But it was not good for push processing as it's rms value is 11. I wish if I could get better color saturation with this GX or G films. Any comment yet Eddie?
    I'm going to test them myself anyway. But just curious...

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