Provence saint Rémy

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    Hi guys,
    I'm new in this website, I'm learning about photography and I'm looking forward to hear your feedback about my pictures
    This time I chose a b&w picture with lines.
    Thanks in advance

    Remy in line 1200.jpg
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  2. OK! I'm not a professional photographer, artist or art critic (a photograph is a piece of artwork), and there're people here who are much more qualified than I to give a critique. But! for whatever it's worth, here goes. The use of leading lines is good, but in this case all they lead to are not particularly special looking trees. Moreover, those trees are covering what looks like might be an interesting facade on what looks like might be an interesting looking building. Granted, there's not a whole helluva lot you can do about it, but it is something to keep in mind for future reference. I don't know if that graduated ND effect in the sky is the way it came out or deliberately edited in, but in either case, it works. Contrast looks good. Cropping up a little from the bottom might make for a better composition, but that's more or less an iffy call. Don't know if the original capture was in color and you converted to grayscale, or if the capture was grayscale all the way, but the image looks like it might work better as color.
    Aside from all that, remember. A critique is basically someone's opinion, and at the end of the day, the most important critique of your work, is your own.

  3. Thanks a lot! This is the kind of critics I'm looking forward
    Thanks again!
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  4. ALSO: Unless the building really was listing to starboard, the image isn't level. :)
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  5. I have no particular credentials, but my first reaction was that I might have walked forward maybe 10 or 15 meters to make the building a larger portion of the scene and also get past that scrubby void in the right foreground. All that said, the exposure and tones are a worthy effort.
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  6. Hi Dave, you have a really good point there

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