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  1. 024BB631-C82A-4AA1-8DB0-9E736FC72EEB.jpeg A small one in Sydney
  2. "Without Us (women) The World Stops" says the banner
    0008a Protesta Feminista Pancarta SIN NOSOTRAS SE PARA EL MUNDO-FujiXF23.jpg
    Fuji XF 23 on Fuji X-P1 (cropped picture)​
  3. _HRJ1105_1000.jpg
    Immigration protest, Santa Barbara, California, 12 July 2019
  4. Rome-730317-3-31-MSI-demonstration-hd-r.jpg
    Neo-Fascist (MSI) demonstration
    Rome, 1973
    Movimento Sociale Italiano – Destra Nazionale
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