Pros & Cons of 6x6 on 6x7 camera

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by eric_m|4, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Now I understand the frustration, yes, using a grad filter on any format can sometimes be a problem but as with most things related to photography, the more you practice the easier it gets. I did try, once, to filter only the sky in a rather dramatic setting by sliding a gel filter down in front of the view lens and then transferring that stopping point to the taking lens, it sort of worked but it was a pain. IMO (in my opinion) the cheapest and or easiest solution to your problem is to sharpen your powers of compositional previsulation, ei, shoot with the 6x9 but compose the scene for cropping to 6x6. RB
  2. Hi Randy,
    Your polarizer suggestion has me a little curious. I might try that 2 filter method, but the ND filters are a little trickier. Even when I shot with a digital I found myself tweaking the gradient line a bit in photoshop. BTW, the Bronica GS-1 is a 6x7 not a 6x9 but I get your point.

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