Proposed photo theme: old churches in your home zone

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gib, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. gib


    maybe if we have a commone theme to aim our vintage cameras at, we
    might produce some photos and some interesting posts that we can all
    get involved in.

    it seems to me that old churches offer a lot of visual interesting

    I especially enjoyed Csab' s posting earlier today.

    maybe we can follow up on his lead?
  2. Little Oak Church founded in part by my great grandfather.
  3. St. Marks Church, Troy, Alabama
  4. Tallassee Chatholic Chruch
  5. Oooo now i need to get my last roll of film processed and see what it looks like, I shot pics of a Greenstone church in Roanoke Va this weekend with a Mamiya C220! Greenstone was mined here and marks some of the more distictive buildings of the area.
  6. Here is one shot a while ago with a Yashica A


    Armenian Priests church of the goly sepulchre,Jerusalem,on Easter,from the inside
  8. Kiev 4AM and Jupiter 8
  9. Nice ones! I expect this thread will show lots of different styles and eras from all around the globe. Here's one more i've made (this time i only upload one, i swear:) )
  10. 1800's adobe church, Corrales, NM taken with a 1936 Zeiss Nettar 515/2.
  11. Small Orthodoxal Church in Moscow, Russia (was built in 1650-es). Photo was taken by Canonet QL17.
  12. formerly Gethsemane Lutheran Church, now an archives and historical building. Werra 1, 50/2.8 Tessar -Paul
  13. My grandfather's church. -Paul
  14. WJ, Great thread. You're the kind of guy that will keep going! Dennis
  15. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    Discovered on a motorcycle ride in the northern Catskills of upstate New York. I have several of these, but only this one from an early Xenotar Rollei 35 that I just picked up. Ray Hull
  16. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    Let's try again; that scan was awful. My apologies, Ray Hull
  17. There aren't any old churches around here, in fact there is nothing old at all. Just like there is nothing with a '50' in it (remember?). I'd expand it to very old or very new. Should get some interesting contrasts.
  18. OK, I found a few really old shots. These are all at least 25-30 years old. Not absolutely sure what camera I took these with. Probably a Fujica ST701 and either a 30mmF3.5 Pentacon lens or a 55mmF1.8 Fujinon lens. This first shot taken on Plus-X Pan film. Probably developed in Paterson Acutol.
  19. Forgot to mention, orange filter used on the last shot. This shot is of the village Church at Monks Kirby, Warwickshire, England. Taken either with a Zenit B or Fujica ST701 with previously mentioned lenses (that's all I had at the time). Shot on Ilford FP4 probably developed in Perceptol.
  20. This last one is of a stained glass window. I don't know which church but its somewhere in Coventry, England. Shot with above mentioned camera/lens on Kodak Safety Film 5063 (reading fronm negative edge), probably developed in Paterson Acutol or maybe D76. Sorry for vague details, these are OLD.
  21. Hello WJ,
    Thanks...your idea sparked a good thread.
  22. gib


    thanks for posting such a great lot of photos

    I was slow getting out to shoot some in my area with vintage cameras, had a bunch of
    digicams images but that wont fly in this forum.

    I may repost this theme in the week before Christmas.
  23. <img src=""> <br>
    FED2 plus VC 25mm/4 on Ilford XP2 Super. <br>
    Old Christ Church in downtown Pensacola. The oldest church there.
  24. Patent Etui 6x9, Tri-X, 2sec.@f/32. Don't remember the name or denomination, but I did get in trouble for tresspassing on that field.
  25. This is the parish church in a village just north of where I live called Knotting, in Bedfordshire. There is a plaque in the portico listing all of the Rectors since the church was built in 1204, in the reign of King John. The list has not been up-dated since 1980, as it is enamel on metal, but the heritage goes on and the church is used every Sunday. Kiev 4AM with 50mm J8 on Agfa XRG 200 from scanned prints.
  26. This is a good thread, so let's not give up on it. I see very nice photographs of churches from different locations. Keep up the good work.

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