Proportion Distortion with Elements & More

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by brent_bennett, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. I recently got a wide screen monitor. With 35mm 1:1.5 scanned pictures, they
    display as 6" x 11". As a result, my wife is not pleased (nor I; she has
    gained about 40 lbs!). Pictures that should display 6x9 are stretched to 6x11.

    First Question: Is there an adjustment in Adobe Elements to set the
    screen/view to not distort photos?

    Second Question: Is there some similar setting for the computer (for all
    internet pictures, Elements, etc.) to always show the correct proportions? I
    have a 9x14.5" monitor (standard 17" diagonal). I don't like seeing lenses on
    Ebay that appear with an oval shape!

    Thank You for your suggestions.
  2. The adjustment has nothing to do with Elements or any other software program. You need to reset the video driver to select a wide screen format. So assuming you are using Vista....

    Right click on your screen where no program is running, and select "Personalize" and then "Display Settings." Then move the slider to where it selects the native resolution of your monitor. Then click on "OK."
  3. Thanks Jim, but I don't have Vista. What do I do with XP?
  4. Display properties, either in Control Panel or by right-clicking on the desktop. Set a resolution that matches the proportions of your monitor. Assuming this is an LCD monitor, you want to set the video card's resolution to exactly the monitor's resolution if at all possible, or else the monitor will have to rescale everything that's displayed on it, which results in your monitoring seeming less sharp than it should.

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