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  1. I just wanted some input as how to deliver you deliver proofs to your clients.
    What size do you deliver your proofs in? 4x5, 5x5, 4x6? Also, do you print them
    with a border? What about a signature? Thanks for sharing.
  2. What do you mean by proof? A copy that go whit a CD? I print on a 13x19 and put 4 to 8 print on them as a contact sheet when i deliver my final product to photographer. When i deliver it to magazine i normaly print them 2 per 13x19 for color and details accuracy + my logo and signature, name of the file, date of production a final proof.
  3. I find that 5x5's are the nicest. Since they are just proof's I don't put too much time into
    them other than normal post processing stuff, so no border, no sig on the print.....get
    yourself a stamp, and stamp the backs of them with your name, ? and contact info.

    It is against the law for labs to make dups of prints with someone elses info on the back.

    Sig on the print means they can just cut that part out.
  4. We've stopped doing paper "proofs", although we make sure every customer has a "proof book" with the very best images when they leave. For proofing we are relying on CD's and internet. The CD images are 400x600, mid-quality jpeg, and look like the 4x6 prints we send home with them. Every one has a coopyright notice, relatively huge signature, our address, one or more borders, and our customers love them. Rather than worry whether our clients are going to rip us off, we encourage them to post the CD images to MySpace, etc., and send them to their friends. So far, nobody has removed the sig, copyright, or address. We even allow customers to take the CD to *Mart and get prints made -- they're not going to look as good as ours, so they still call us for larger reprints, and they STILL leave the sig on; I consider that great advertising. The 4x6's are cranked out on a (ahem) Kodak 5100. I'd love to use 5x5, but the cost of albums and 5x5 prints would be prohibitive, and the immediacy of printing our own is wonderful. We package them in the cheap plastic "brag-books' with our own covers, customized for the customer. The not-proofs and covers and CD's are all created with unattended scripts, so there's no extra work involved to create them.
  5. She loved it.

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