Promise Of Fire 2 (experiment)

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  1. This is a composite. The promise part (hope you can see it ok) is from a 2007 (post rainfall) landscape shot of Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. The fire part is from a much more recent (few days ago) shot captured from our TV screen of an erupting volcano in Iceland (found it on You Tube). In 2007 Ngorongoro was (and I'm sure it still is) a wildlife Eden. A couple of million years ago though it was probably a lot more like that erupting volcano only bigger.

    Right now the pic exists on my computer as a layered PSD work in process.


    Comments, critiques, suggestions. Welcome!.....Izzy
  2. Someone did a "Photoshop 'fix'" for April 1 of a famous Ansel Adams mountain picture as the tower of Mordor, but I can't find a link to it :oops:

    I suggest you get a NFT for this one right awayo_O
  3. Ok! What's an "NFT"?
  4. To me, the colors may be off. What colors were in the actual landscape?
  5. That may very well be. Certainly with the erupting volcano part. As for the Ngorongoro part I can't really say. I'm on my way out right now but what I'll do later on is add the two images that make up the composite to the string, as well as an updated version.
  6. OK! First two images are unedited except for sizing to post.



    Next 2 are after editing specifically for the composite.



    I combined the full image of the volcano and a sort of oval shaped selection from the crater to form the initial two layered composite.
    Reduced the opacity of the oval to somewhere between 50 and 60 percent, and did a little more editing of the individual layers.
    Flattened the image and went around the oval border with the patch and blur tools to get it to sort of blend in, then went into multi-layer
    mode (which is how it exists on the puter right now) for more specific (targeted) editing, and here's where it stands right now.


    Obviously its been flattened and resized to post, but that's what it looks like at this point.
  7. "non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) that confer ownership and authenticity of digital files that live in the ether, where they can be easily replicated". I had to look it up myself
  8. Thank you!
  9. Izzies - - Dovetailing from my first response, I think you need to ask yourself whether any vegetation in the scene is blue. If so you need to fix it since it's both unnatural and out of place.
  10. I did. Hard to tell on my screen so I printed it out. The full image at 372ppi measures 10.1" by 6.8" on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of heavy-weight high-gloss photo paper, and yes some of the vegetation does appear to have a kind of greenish blue or bluish green tint. Don't know how much of that is from the background lava flows, and how much from the editing and compositing. You look at the source images and you see the vegetation in the crater is green. Varying shades of green yes but still green. The lava flows coming from the volcano though range from a light blue (prior to editing) which I'm guessing is partly due to steam and\or smoke (it's pretty hot stuff) to black or almost black at the bottom of the frame. I did try to correct it but that didn't work too well so I decided to leave it alone. Here's the finished image.

  11. You invested a great deal of effort and time to produce this final version. I can (and do) overlook the bluish cast in favor of the image's dramatically capturing the fire. Besides, the areas in question are comparatively small.
  12. The photo is so hyper real that I would never think to question the accuracy of the color or anything else in it. Dare I say the final version looks messy and over the top to my eye, perhaps just a matter of taste.
  13. Thankyou! Aside from that. I looked at the attachment. If my attempts at adjusting the green had come out that way I'd have kept them! How'd you do it?
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  14. Thankyou! I have to agree about the on screen appearance of the final version, but, considering my skill (or lack of it) with photoshop, the full version print looks not bad at all.
  15. I'll have to play with it. Will let ya know
  16. Took another look. Don't know if you posted it that way or that's the way it shows up on the puter, but it comes up surrounded by black (as if it's mounted in a black matboard). One of the things I do when I finish editing an image is make smaller copies for posting purposes, some of which are set up as if they were in mats. Go to
    Izzy11201: Galleries: Digital Photography Review : Digital Photography Review to see what I mean. Those were set up with white borders around the images as opposed to solid black, but I did (after taking that second look) set up Promise as if it was displayed in a solid black mat. It did seem to make a difference. In any case it was a good lesson. I attended a B&H seminar on matting a while ago and one of the things mentioned was that in the absence of double matting a print, leaving a border between the edge of the image and the edge of the mat window gives it a professional look, so that's what I started doing. Looking at that attachment got me thinking so I tried it. It does seem to make a difference.

    In any case! Play away.
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  18. For some reason, I can't download the photo.
  19. Are you running mac or windows?

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