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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by devin_brande, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. I'm curious if anyone has had any (hopefully recent) experience
    buying from a private party in Europe and having the item shipped to
    the states. I'm looking into a Leica projector and just scanning
    e* vs. e* there seem to be more older, higher end
    projectors (P200* and CA*) at much better prices than they come up
    for here.

    Scanning through the archives and a recent thread about buying from
    Robert White seems to suggest that the cost for shipping and customs
    is only slightly higher than shipping within the states, however UPS
    and FEDex's cost calculators suggest it would cost something like
    $100+ to ship. I'm curious if anyone in Leicaland can add another
    anecdote to this or specifically has experience buying projectors
    from Germany (aside from issues of compatability with power). As an
    aside, if anyone has a solid working (maybe even broken) P2000/2 they
    would like to let go for maybe US $200 or less, I'm all ears, I'll
    trade you my Carousel 850 :)

    Devin Brande
  2. I've had stuff shipped from Germany sans problem.

    But it seems strange that a project should be that more expensive in the US that even with the hassle of int'l shipping at $100+ it would be worth it?!
  3. Be careful buying projectors that were made for sale in Europe. Most of them are 220 volt.
  4. Hi,
    You might also investigate if replacement lamp bulbs are available
    here (or anywhere).
  5. The P200* and CA* all have a voltage switch. So this should not be a problem. You only have to buy a new US type power cord. You should buy either the P2002,P2000,Pradovit Color 2 (all made by Leica) or the CA 2502 (made by Leitz), all of them use the Universal-Magazin as well as the LKM-Magazin. All other older projectors use only the Universal-Magazin.

    I can offer you my Leica Pradovit Color 2 projector with a 2,8/150 CF (Curved field) Elmarit in perfect working condition with slighty outer wear for 400 US. I ship from Munich, Germany by UPS.

    Regards Moritz
  6. I forgot to say: The Pradovit Color 2 and the P2000 are exactly the same model, they just bear a different name, but both already with the new Leica sign. The P2002 has additionally a 250 Watt spare lamp, switched on automaticlly if the other one fails.

    Regards Moritz
  7. Isn't it still cheaper to buy in the USA from B&H? If you buy from
    out of state you obviate the tax and I suspect that even with
    shipping, the cost should be most competitive. Less hassle as
    well as the transaction is cone with an American company and
    covered by your credit card.
  8. Thanks for all your responses so far.

    Moritz, I don't have enough spare cash to justify a projector right now; I'm just scouting, maybe waiting for the holiday season ;)

    Albert, I'm mostly looking for used projectors just to keep costs down. I had given up on being able to swing a P2000 or similar until I saw some used prices from overseas which seemed much more reasonable. Although I might give a look to the P150. Much maligned but it seems like it would be a good performer maybe with a lens swap. Now that I look, is the P600 or 300 even available domestically? B&H and Adorama only list the P150 and the fabulously priced RTM/S.

  9. Devin,

    the P600 and P300 are only made for the European market with no voltage switch. 220V.

    The P150 is Leicas entry projector and costs twice as much in the US as in Europe. I did never understand this. The US price for a P150 is what we pay here for the P300.

    Regards Moritz

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