Project slim off camera hot shoe

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by kraig_cuddeford, May 28, 2005.

  1. I finally found a use for the stand that came with my 580ex
  2. and the wires.
  3. Still working on the module where I can plug in a cat5 or a pc sync cord.
  4. Craig, this is very ingenious, and if slimness is the only criterion this may well be the answer, but there is another way to do it, which is to recycle old TTL wiring components, ludicrously expensive new but now easy to find at auction for small sums. The cables and plugs are fully wired six-core, even tho' TTL does not use this (perhaps a bit of future-proofing for a future that never came?). The flash-end adapter, second version, has a cold foot that will simply fit into the cold shoe on the stand, and could be cemented in if desired for extra strength. It could be rewired using all six connections pretty easily, I think. The only electronic component is a tiny diode to force correct polarity in the firing circuit, and that can probably be left undisturbed. The TTL adapter at the camera end is full of electronics, driven by a small battery, but it does not look like a difficult task to strip all this out and wire it straight through. This would give the equivalent of an Off-Camera Shoe Cord but with cables plugged in at either end rather than hard-wired. I will ask Isaac S., who is an electronic engineer, for an expert opinion.
  5. I've been looking at those things for parts.
  6. tested, potted. The PC circuit works, I've had it hooked to a momentary switch to trigger by hand. I have yet to couple it to the camera. I might get ahold of one of those off camera 2 cord adapters, or the number 3 to gut it out. I'm working out a small module that wires to the flash, that will accept a quick connect for a sensor trigger "sound-light" or whatever! And the ethernet communications cord and the pc/sync socket. Since this is just a home made jobber, I won't be considering production costs n durability of the connector or those other things that burden the electrical engineer... I might fix the module to the side and make it around 5/8th to 1/2" thicker by potting the wires and everything else with jb weld. Because I'm not going to pay 45 dollars for a cable when I could have all of this with spare parts laying around and several dollars worth of glue/soder etc. And ethernet cables laying here and there and basically, nothing better to do! I don't mind sharing.
  7. here's a pic :p

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