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  1. I've got an Epson film scanner, which is generally a top notch machine. I use the Epson Scan software, and again, it's given me to reason to complain...except for one.
    When I scan 4x5s, I'm very limited to the resolution I can choose.I think I can do 600dpi color and 1200dpi B+W.
    I've always assumed that this is because the computer (i.e., the scanning software) is trying to scan the entire image before it is saved. In other words, I've assumed that the weak link is the amount of RAM. On the other hand, it would take a huge amount of RAM to hold a 4x5 chrome scanned at 4800.
    So, is there scanning software which will progressively save the image as it's scanned. I know it would be a monster file, tough to work with, requiring immense amounts of RAM just to open, yada yada yada, but does such software exist?
  2. What about Vuescan? It works with all scanners.
  3. What scanner are you using? Is it the latest software version you can run?
    I don't use Epson scan much as I have standardized on Vuescan, which has never given me a limitation.
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    So, is there scanning software which will progressively save the image as it's scanned.​
    I think SilverFast can scan and save at the same time.
  5. Vuescan does progressively save and you can set the size of the buffer ram used.
  6. Epson Scan is 32-bit software; the most memory it can address is 4-Gigabytes (actually about 3.5 Gigabytes since some of the addresses are used for hardware functions). Thus you are limited.
    I tried scanning a color reflective image and ran into the same "too large" error message.
    I tried scanning with the 32-bit version of VueScan. It simply converted the image to black and white (not grey scale). I am running the 32-bit version of VueScan because I use the TWAIN interface to scan directly into Photoshop; TWAIN works with the 32-bit version of Photoshop CS5, not the 64-bit version.
    VueScan, however, has a 64-bit version. I suspect it would work.
  7. Vuescan selects the colour/greyscale in both the input and output. It sounds like they were not both set to what they should have been.
    You use the version of Vuescan that matches your driver. Try the 64 bit version first. You simply will not see your scanner if the 64bit driver does not exist. I have a 64gb memory system and one scanner only has a 32bit driver. I find no performance deference between the 64/32 bit versions.
  8. If you don't have enough RAM (image size x 3), part of the image will be swapped between a hard drive and RAM. While it slows processing considerably, you can handle larger files safely and effectively. That said, image processing programs the operating system may impose other limits on file size.
  9. Time for the stupid patronizing response: please be sure you are in "Professional" mode and are manipulating the right setting.
  10. When I was scanning 6x7 images at 4000 dpi I never had that issue. The files were 3-500 mb. I guess that must be a software limitation. I used Nikon scan with a Windows NX machine and then Vuescan with Windows 7.
  11. Thanks for the responses.
    Steven Clark: I've had patronizing responses, especially here, and that was not one :) Yes, in Professional Mode. I've tried a bunch of options, such as scanning without the film folder and scanning a small part of the image. The latter worked, and I can scan 35mm at any resolution I'd like, which is what started to lead me to believe that the file size was the issue.

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