Profoto Acute2 1200R easily overheating?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by chris_shawn, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I use a Profoto Acute2 1200R and recently shot with 2 lights attached to it. I only shot at half power setting but continously over approx. 80 minutes (around 500 shots). Then it stopped working due to overheating.
    It worked again after a while but I am only a bit afraid and would like to know if anyone has experience with the Acute2 1200R and could give me an answer.
    I use mine for 5 years now. It always worked fine until March this year. It stopped working completely. I had it repaired afterwards. Then it worked again. Now, I am only concernced it might be short before breaking down again and soon I have a job abroad where I need it and where I can't bring any backup or have availability for rental equipment. As this trip costs me a lot of money, it's quite important my Acute works reliable.
    I am aware that noone can give me an answer from my description but I wanted to ask for other experiences on the Acute2 1200R. The manual is not really helpful. It says:
    Automatic Safety Function
    If the unit is under intensive use with frequent flashing for an
    extreme long period of time, the recycling will stop completely.
    This is to prevent the unit from overheating and is indicated by a
    red light in the photocell(11)
    The overheat protection in the Acute2 head turns off the modelling
    light when the head is overheated.
    But how intensive was my use with 500 flashes in 80 minutes? Too intensive?
  2. I work with elinchrome ranger so I can not help you with any experience from the profoto equipment. but 500 flashes in 80 minuts sound pretty intense to me. If you not under a time pressure for this job, try to work a bit slower. heat is a killer for a lot of electrical components.
    Best regards Tore

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