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  1. I have a small home studio and currently have an Acute 1200. I am going to purchase another pack just to make life easier on me. I will purchase either a second Acute 1200 or an Acute 2400. While I understand that a second 1200 will be more than enough power for my home studio, I am looking down the road where I might find situations where the extra power of a 2400 pack would be needed. However, I do not want to find out that the 2400 has so much power that I cannot use the 2400 in my home studio. Can the 2400 be dialed down to the same minimum power as the 1200? Or is the minimum power on the 2400 always higher than the minimum power of the 1200? Also, while the recycle times are higher on the 2400, when the power is dialed down in the area of the 1200, are the recycle times similar to that of the 1200? Thank you.
  2. Your answers can be found here:
    As to how quickly the 2400 recycles at a comparable w/s, I have no idea. And I am not sure too many on the beginners forum would know ;) You might want to send Profoto an email.
  3. Recycle speed
    1200 2400
    117V .09 - 1.5 .17 - 2.9
    100V .12 - 2.7 .24 - 5.1
    240V .09 - 1.6 .18 - 3.2
  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate the information and help.

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