Professional Photolab in Tokyo - please help!

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  1. Hello to everyone!
    Guys! I need to find a prolab in Tokyo, where I can develop my b&w films and order wet printing from them etc. Please help! Could find anything useful on the net, maybe because I don't understand Japanese.
    Thanks in advance!
    (maybe it's a wrong forum thread, but at least many folks from here do b&w)
  2. Hi,

    I have been out of the country for a long time and cannot pinpoint "where" but may be able to give some "hint".
    1. Photo Studio - can be more easily found in the suburb area where people still go and have their picture taken occasionally (for, say, graduation, anniversary, family shoot, etc.). They sell camera, film, and of course develop in-house. You may be probably able to have them let you borrow the dark room. Those brick and mortar photo studio are often called "Shasin-kan (means photo house)".
    2. Large hotels (Okura, Imperial, or any big name hotels popular to foreigners) - they do have big studio for photo sessions, mostly for wedding, and they do develop in house. You may just go into those hotels and ask in English. Especially if you stay there, they can be very accomodative. Or even help you find one, if they cannot let you use theirs. Hotel concierge speak English and supposedly always happy to help you.
    3. Or, simply try this:

    Hope oen of those help you out.

    Ah, I have been away for so long. Looking forward to the next home leave this summer.

  3. Thank you, guys!
    Today was in Horiuchi camera. Ordered development and contact prints of 5 b&w 135 and 1 C-41 120... It would cost me... 16,000 yens!!! :( (160 USD!!!) Hope at least the quality would be OK.
  4. The last I checked, developing was pretty reasonable ($5 or $6 per roll). So it must be the contact prints that are killing you. Get the cheapest flatbed scanner that has a film adapter and make your own contact sheets.
  5. David, you're right. Nearly 700 yens per roll for development; 2000 per each contact print...

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