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  1. OK . . . I know that I could make some guesses or do a "snip test". I just picked up a used Diana camera. Inside I found a fully exposed roll of 120 film. The tape wrap on the roll says "Panchromatic Film Made in Germany". I have no idea how the roll is!<p><p>Anyone want to make their own guesses on processing? My two most common developers are TMax and PMK. My first guess is to use the TMax and just pick the average of all processing times for a given temp. This developer doesn't seem to vary much in processing times.
  2. Without more information it's difficult to offer specifics, but based on the data charts, T-Max developer at 1+9 for 10 minutes should deliver at least acceptable if not optimal results for most films.
    Or, a snip test including at least one frame should reveal enough information about the film in the margin to give ideas for optimal development of the rest of the roll. Just depends on how much trouble you want to take with this roll.
  3. Re roll onto an empty spool in total darkness or load onto a developing reel and seal in a lightproof tank then look at the paper leader in room light to see if there is any brand name printed on it
  4. You could get the mixin's for a 2-bath developer; 4 min in A, 4 min in B works for most films. Now, it will be a bit of an expense to do this, but seeing as the photo from Mallory's climb of Everest is on this roll of film, it might just be worth it.
    Or, perhaps another photonetter in your area already has a 2 bath mixed up and is waiting for you to call...
    Or, do what Lex says!
  5. Diafine is ideal for this type of development problem. All films, regardless of speed, etc. use the same development time & temp. Diafine is a 2-bath developer, so this is a specific instance of Jim's suggestion above.
  6. >but seeing as the photo from Mallory's climb of Everest is on this roll of film, it might just be worth it.
    I thought that was a 127 Vest Pocket Autographic model.
  7. I believe you are correct about Mallory's camera. I guess I should have put a ":)" next to my post.

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