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  1. I'm thinking of getting a lens in the 360mm range
    to use for color landscape work. Bellows
    extension is not a problem. I've heard that
    some of the older f9 process-type lenses (e.g.,
    the Red Dot Artar) might be good choices. While
    I've seen these lenses advertised, they tend
    either to be in barrel or in an older shutter
    which leaves me worried about reliability.
    Does anybody have a sense of how feasible it
    would be to have such a lens remounted in a
    modern shutter? In terms of cost vs. quality,
    how would this compare to buying a modern lens?
  2. I have 19" and 24" red dot artars for 8x10. I bought them in barrel, and had them mounted in used copal 3 shutters which I has bought. I live in Canada, and they cost around $200 each to have done here. I believe the aperture scale also cost extra, since my shutters were the older type, and new scales had to be engraved, rather than purchased. They are extremely good lenses, indistinguishable in performance from equivalent Nikkor or Fuji lenses. Image circle would be less, which may be a factor depending on what format you use.


    Harold Clark
  3. Thanks. I'd like to learn a little more about the process of remounting a lens in a shutter. From what I've read, there's more to it than just threading the front and back elements in place; I understand that the job needs to be done by a technician, since it may entail making custom adaptors to ensure that the spacing is proper. Is this correct? Also, does the ballpark price that you mentioned cover the price of the shutter as well as the labor costs for remounting?

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