Problems with the D300

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by neo_fragoso, May 15, 2008.

  1. When I push the play button to see my pictures the picture appears but when I try
    to go back and forth to see the other pictures the display just freezes. It has
    happened about 70 % of the time. The majority of the time I have to turn the
    camera off and on so it can start working again. Has anyone had this problem and
    if yes do you know what it is?
  2. I have not had that happen to me. Have you tried using a different memory card, fully formatted with the camera?
  3. umd


    I experienced something similar, display sometimes freezes when I zoom in and browse the picture. This happens very rarely and I believe it happens when the battery is low.
  4. The battery is fully charged... and Now that I am thinking about it... It started when I started using the SB-800. It never happened before I started using the flash
  5. i have never had a problem like you describe. when you say the display freezes, do you mean you cannot push the shutter half-way and blank the display? if the camera locks up, i'd get nikon support's opinion on it.
  6. I have had my 3 D300's since early December 2007. I've never had this happen with any of them.
  7. Hi Nivaldo - Have you tried a different memory card? The D300 may be having difficulties reading the images off the current one.
  8. sounds like a card issue. Otherwise, you could try updating your firmware perhaps.
  9. I have tried a different memory card. Now that I think about it this problem never happened when I was not using the SB-800 flash. Somehow the flash is making my camera go crazy. I am going to have my flash replaced and see if the problem happens again. I also updated the firmware to the 1.02.
    Thanks for all the help everyone.
  10. Good luck, I have not had that problem either...

    Lil :)
  11. This has fortunately never happened to me with my D300. I use a pretty old Lexar WA 40x 1gb card quite often when I'm out shooting and it works very well.
  12. I think I am the chosen one LOL
  13. This DID happen to me and it's very frustrating, especially as a wedding photographer and I repeatedly check my lcd for blinks and the histogram.

    Long story short, I sent the camera back to Nikon and they "fixed" it. When I got it back, 5 minutes after starting my next wedding, it did the same thing AND started giving me false low battery warnings. I sent it back again and they replaced the camera. Unfortunately, it's still doing the same thing. I'm buying a second D300 anyway, will use this one as a backup, and send it back again when I have the room in my schedule.

    I did notice that if you accidentally push the flash mode button (the one with the lightning bolt) on the front of the camera, the lcd will freeze up. If you let go it will work again and I'm 99% positive that this is not the only cause of the problem or I would have picked up on this before. It's such a small button that it's easy to not notice you're pressing it.

  14. Nivaldo,

    I've got the same problem which I described in this thread:

    Did you ever get this resolved?

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