Problems transferring pictures from Canon Rebel XT

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by pak_pak, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Hello!

    I have the following problems with transferring photos from Canon Rebel XT to my
    computer. Perhaps you can explain some of them to me.

    1. Transfer time is very long! I am transferring via USB (not USB2) and ~1000
    pictures takes over an hour to finish the job. For example, the same amount from
    Sony camera takes less time.

    2. I've noticed that some files are named _MG_1111 instead of IMG_1111. Files
    don't seem to be corrupt, but I am curious why it is happening.

    3. Most important issue - sometimes not all files are being transferred! I
    copy/paste them from the camera and end up with, let's say, 1100 pictures, even
    though there are 1230 in the camera. Note that it is not simply some folder
    being skipped, but 2-3 pictures are missing from random folders. What's going on?

    Thank you for your help.
  2. 1) Have you considered looking at the file sizes of these images? Perhaps the ones from the Sony are smaller than the ones from your Rebel?

    2) This is covered in the user manual

    3) Have you tried using the Zoombrowser software to transfer? Have you tried using a much better method: a card reader?
  3. On the upload time issue: You're uploading (1) 1100(!) images (2) directly from the camera via (3) USB 1. (1)+(2)+)3)=glacially slow! Using a card reader will improve the speed somewhat - say, from glacial to FEMA hurricane response time......
  4. I don't have the Rebel XT but are you using the software that came with the camera (for the 20D it's something like "photoviewer")? I know that one can transfer without the software but that probably isn't a good idea. >1000 pictures? Sounds like you are using 4-8 gbs CFs. Borrow some 1 and 2 GB CFs to see whether or not you lose any pictures during the transfer. Maybe someone else can answer whether one can configure the software to not transfer images that are severely underexposed or overexposed. Are there any known udpates to the XT software?

    What happens when you take 50 pictures and transfer? Do you lose any pictures? If not, use a smaller CF for the time being and contact Canon. If your files are truly being named improperly that sounds like a significant problem. Maybe some of the computer whizes here can tell you if you if it's a problem with your camera and/or computer.

    My luck it would be my favorite 2-3 pictures missing.
  5. Keep it simple. Disable all auto transfer perferances and drag 'n drop your files to your hard drive from a USB 2 or Firewire card reader. Do not--I repeat--do not transfer from a direct camera connection. It's too slow and a waste of precious time.
  6. For what it's worth, I transfer an ~8MB RAW file in a little under 2 sec. when directly connected to my 20D. 1000 would take about 30 min if I had a card that big. I find this plenty fast enough that I don't bother with a card reader if I'm only going to transfer files from the card installed the camera.
  7. Answer to No 2 is hard to find if you don't know where to look!
    you probably had it set at AdobeRGB in "creative zone" and you took some pictures in "auto zone" which is sRGB

    3) have you format the card recently or after each download? Maybe your download setting is to download All files, instead of New files?
  8. I just want to second (third?) the card reader approach. I have a Rebel XT and use a card reader at home. But when I traveled to my folks' place last year, I planned to connect my camera directly to their computer to download/store the photos that I took while there. Pain, annoyance, and a tremendous amount of time wasted getting everything set up and then transferred.

    Now I toss my usb card reader in the camera bag. Just plug the reader into their computer, pop the card into it, and it's done. Easy, simple and fast.
  9. Thanks all! Sounds like getting a Card Reader should solve most of my problems :)
  10. If the issue is with speed of USB 1.1 then getting a card reader will only moderately improve the transfer. I use usb2.0 w/ a direct connect transfer and transfers are not slow. If possible get a USB 2.0 port for you computer/laptop which usually isnメt expensive. That is of course if the memory card reader doesn't improve speed much.

    Also, I use the Canon software that came with my 30D and haven't seen any issues that you describe. If you can identify which pictures that haven't be downloaded, verify they aren't corrupted.
  11. You seem to be a Windows user. I have an Apple so we might not use similar approaches. I
    use a Firewire card reader. I create a new file on the desktop, and open it. Then I click on
    the Memory Card icon and continue to open until I find a file list. Then I "select all" images,
    and then "drag/drop" or save directly to the open desktop file. It is the fastest I've found.
    Tends to bypass all other apps.
  12. Even with only 70 images to download it takes five to ten minutes for it to connect and allow me to choose which pictures to download. I'm on a PC. I'll have ot look into getting a card reader.

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