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Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by mike_plante, Jun 29, 1999.

  1. I have a cannon AE-1,50mm f1.4,70-210mm,199A flash. My pictures do not
    come out as sharp as I would like even when using a tripod with cable release or the self-timer.Could anyone give me any ideas as to what might be the problem? I have been real carefull to make sure the lens is clean and in focus.
  2. Mike,


    First, what shutter speed are you using? At slow shutter speeds the
    mirror movement can cause vibration, especially with a lightweight
    tripod. Try some shots at fairly high shutter speeds, at least 1/250
    for the 50mm lens and 1/500 for the zoom with fast film.


    If that does do it, you may have a problem with the len to film
    distance and the lens to focusing screen distance not being the same.
    One way to check this out is to use your tripod and shoot a picture
    of a ruler laid end on to the camera. Focus on the 6 inch mark. Do
    this with a fairly slow film and a higher shutter speed (gives you a
    large aperature and shallow depth of field). You may find that the
    center of the in focus point is NOT at 6 inches. If so, this may be
    able to be adjusted by a repair shop.


    WRT focus, make sure you use the split image portion to make sure you
    are properly focused.

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