Problem with RZ and AE Prizm finder

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by rene_theberge, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Recently, I took out my RZ 67 with the AE Prizm Finder I after it had sat unused in a backpack for several months. Previously it had worked fine, but
    when I attempted to use it this time, there seems to be something wrong with the electronic interface. Mechanically, the camera works great, but
    when I put the Finder on it and depress the shutter halfway, instead of a meter reading, all I get is the center red warning light which (according to the
    manual) means the darkslide is in place even though the darkslide is not in place. It has a new battery. Any thoughts or suggests for what I could do
    before taking it in for repair? Is it the Finder or the body?
  2. Try cleaning the contacts between the finder and body. It's worth a try.
  3. Bruce,

    Thanks, I had cleaned them before, but I did it once again and you got me halfway there! The meter is now working, but the
    darkslide light still comes on. Any further thoughts?
  4. insert and remove the darkslide with the back removed from the body? Maybe some gunk got stuck there
  5. Make sure your back is attached and locked properly. I had the same dark slide issue when I didn't have my lock lever all the way to the
    right...the lock position.
  6. I second what Martin and danny suggest.

    Remove and remount EVERYTHING and it wouldn't hurt to clean all contacts.

    For the finder to work properly all the contacts have to work in concert so if one isn't functioning...

    I never liked the way the finder mounts since it is difficult to have it seat correctly so try mounting it several times.

    Good luck and I haven't found anyone to work on these older model Finders so if anyone knows a good tech that will, I need
    mine rechipped to work on Pro II bodies.
  7. Thanks for all your help. I'll have to wait to follow Martin's suggestion as there's a roll of film in the holder. I'll finish it off in the next
    few days using a hand held meter. Danny's suggestion on the back being locked might also be the problem as the lever doesn't
    seem to go over right. I'll have to borrow another back and see it that works.

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