Problem with Nikon AW100 seals?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by vince, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. For a camera rated to a depth of 33 feet, I have read an inordinant number of reviews by owners disappointed that the AW100 seals leaked the first time they had it submerged. Probably operator error. That said, waiting for the AW200 might be smart. What is Nikon's pattern for releasing model upgrades in their point and shoot line?
  2. Vince, I believe AW means all weather, not under water. It is discouraging though when they claim a product has a articular capability, but falls short. If you want to go below a few feet, I'd look for a camera capable of being put in an underwater housing. As for Nikon's release schedule, it seems to go pretty quickly, but it also seems to be a shotgun approach. Some P&S models seem to get replaced every year and a half or so, in that range, and I think the 100 has been out about half that time(?).
  3. I had Olympus, and Panasonic underwater cameras, and after some 10 or so submerged ocassions, finally both leaked water and were destroyed beyond repair.
    If you submerge in salty ocean water, you need to rinse it in fresh tap water immediately after use and before opening.
    Also, Olympus service recommends replacing the rubber seals periodically, at cost perhaps $150 or so.
    I am not surprised that Nikon leaked, as all of them could eventually leak.
    .. AW means perhaps 33 feet deep under all weather... :) but be careful with the wet water! stay out of it.

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