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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by eden a., Dec 26, 2004.

  1. Posted here a couple weeks back about this problem.... I log in, with
    correct email & password but it kicks me to a error page saying the
    page cant be accessed due to a prob @ the server end. I can usually
    manage to jerry rig my way beyond that using two broser windows and
    some more creative paths to get to my portfolio & etc if i need to do
    anything there. basically once i am in, 1/2 of the times i click a
    link to go to another area of the site, or my portfolio, and tells me
    i "have to be a member to do that" & it boots me back to the login
    page. Usually i can hit back on the browser, and try a different
    section or something and again, its about 50/50 whether i'll get
    through or bumped back to log in.

    Its kinda confusing as far as what will & wont trigger a kick back to
    log in. Really has no rhyme or reason... unless you're counting
    electronic schizophrenia as a reason ;)

    Perhaps the server is female & invoking the old 'woman's perogative'
    (LOL)? I'm not sure... but i thought you ought to know the problem is
    still occuring.
  2. d47


    I have the same problem, too.
  3. what browser are you using?
  4. d47


    Logs in okay on Internet Explorer but not on Mozilla or Opera.
  5. Are you sure that you're set to accept cookies? If you're not you won't be able to log on.
  6. With Internet Explorer; Netscape; Mozilla-Foxfire; and Opera I can log on and post messages tonight; using Win98SE on an old PIII @667Mhz and dialup @49333 bps.
  7. Browser is Mozilla 1.73, and is set to accept cookies from Yes, I'm still having this same glitch with login.

    I dont use IE & absolutely will not install it, so switching just browsers is not going to be a viable workaround for me.
  8. Here Mozilla V 1.7.5 is used; with no problems

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