Problem with Jobo ATL 1000 programs

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by fujista, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hi everybody! I'm new here.

    I just bought a Jobo ATL 1000 and I've some questions.

    The times of the ATL1000 programs can't be changed, you can only modify the first step of the developer.
    I'm using Fuji X-Press C41 kit right now, and the times they say me are:
    -Developer: 3.15 minutes.
    -Bleach: 6:30 minutes.
    -Rinse: 2:30 minutes.
    -Fixer: 6:30 minutes.
    -Final rinse: 2:30 minutes.

    In the manual of the ATL 1000 they use these times for my process:
    -Developer: 3.15 minutes.
    -Bleach: 6:00 minutes.
    -Fixer: 6:00 minutes.
    -Final rinse: 2:30 minutes.

    My question is: 1) Is there any way to change times without reprogramming the chip (I saw the post but I don't know how it is done)?; 2) Will something happen to the bleach and the fixer if they are 6 minutes instead of 6.30 minutes?; 3) And what would it happen if I reuse C41 chemicals using the Jobo ATL 1000 program? I mean, Fuji says Bleach and Fix need a rinse, but what would it happen if I don't made the rinse?

    Sorry for my English! I hope you can help me because I'm starting to think that I made a bad bought

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