Problem with Hasselblad 32E and 250mm SA CF

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  1. I have Hasselblad 2003FCW, 50/2.8 FE, 110/2 FE, 250/5.6 SA CF and 32E extension tube and 2x Mutar. When I attach 32E and 250mm lens in the order of 32E to the body first and then lens, I’m unable to detach in reverse order. I have to remove the 32E from the body with lens attached and then separate 32E from lens. It works reliably even though I read it may cause a jam. The 50mm and 110mm detach correctly, lens first, then the extension tube. Detaching from Mutar works correctly with all lenses, including the 250mm. Any ideas why I can’t detach 250mm from the 32E attached to the camera ? I’m cocking the body before I try to release the lens. Could it be that the electronic extension tube for some reason doesn’t play nice with non electronic CF lens? Shooting with the combo works correctly, problem is only with detachment.
  2. Make sure the camera and extension tube (32E) are cocked before attaching it to the camera. Likewise the lens before attaching it to the extension tube. There should be a weak spring in the extension tube, keeping the coupling locked once cocked.

    Attaching the tube to the camera will release the coupling lock on the tube, which is caught by the camera coupling. Again, when you attach the lens. If the lock is worn or releases early, the couplings won't be properly aligned.
  3. Could be that the angle of the slotted axle in the 250 needs adjusting. Or the tube.
    Lenses, converters and tubes all have such an axle, and tolerances and misadjustment may be such that they only cause problems in certain combinations.

    E tubes have a roller feeler that is depressed by the rear of a lens to protect the contacts. Could be this mechanism being a bit stiff too.
  4. I think I solved it. I manually pressed in few times with my finger against the electronic roller part inside of the extension tube to see how well it aligns with the lens mount when lens is mounted. After that I have no problem unmounting the 250mm lens. So my guess is the roller mechanism maybe needed to be loosened up little with some repetitive finger pressing action. Thank you q.g._de_bakker for the tip to inspect the contact roller.

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