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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rombon, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I have a new D800 for three days now. It's a fantastic tool for landscape photography, exceptional DR, rich colors, but I also found two problems. The first is already mentioned on the web - the screen has unpleasant green tint. The second is much more serious: on all my photos there is a thin broken vertical line. It's positioned on the same place and it's made of pink and green sections. An smooth surface there is no trace of it but if there are some details you can follow it.
    I will return my D800 to the dealer on Monday and I am posting the part of the affected picture so that the new owners can check for the same problem. Because the line is broken amd visible only in detailed parts of the picture it's quite easy to miss it.
    Regards, Marko
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    Marko, I assume this particular problem is unique to your camera. Hopefully you can get a replacement soon. I am not aware of such issues on the test unit I am using.
  3. Marko:
    Keep us posted on how this turns out. Hopefully they will simply send you a new unit ASAP. I trust Nikon will do the right thing.
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    Given that this problem is found so quickly, they should send Mroko a new replacement. The problem is that the D800 is in short supply such that it may be difficult to find another one quickly.
  5. Marko, looks like a dodgy sensor with the line...

    The green tinge is quite a common problem, the Auto WB is dodgy and generally this happens with "energy saving"
    lighting and at the the moment there is no fix....I personally either pre select a WB or customize my WB slightly on the
    color table and this generally works.....maybe next firmware upgrade will fix it.
  6. Is the green tint a problem with white balance or a problem with the screen only?
  7. 3 days. I send it back for a full refund, and then go from there. Don't let the dealer turn it into a warranty issue. Then it'll be on your to-do list, instead of theirs.
  8. I do not have the green tint problem on my D800 screen. Colors appear accurate when comparing it to my D3s screen. As far as the broken vertical line in your shots, my guess would be a faulty sensor as mentioned by Sean. Have you tried locking up the mirror and looking at the sensor to see if anything is obvious to the eye?
  9. Is the green tint a problem with white balance or a problem with the screen only?​
    It's screen problem only. My opinion based on two days with new D800 is that it has much better AWB then D300 (my old camera), but the screen presentation of the photos taken is ugly. But at the same time the BW wedge that you see when you want to adjust screen brigtness looks OK.
    Regards, Marko
  10. Looks like it could be a scratch on the AA filter, so if Nikon get their hands on it they might want to replace the filter. My advice also would be not to mess about with Nikon's warranty and make it a matter between you and the retailer. Remind the seller that your contract of sale is with them, and not with Nikon, and that it's their responsibility to re-imburse or resupply you.
    You might want to take a series of shots of fine detail at different apertures and see how the "scratch" is affected. If it doesn't change at all it's most likely a true sensor problem. If it gets better defined on stopping down then it's more likely a scratch in front of the sensor.
  11. Just out of curiosity, have you rotated the image at all with post processing? If not, then I would definitely agree that this
    may be a scratch on the filter. The line of disrupted pixels is not in a perfectly vertical line, it starts at the top and veers
    slightly to the right as it goes down the image, making me thInk this is not a sensor issue, but a sensor filter issue. Either
    way, it is certainly unacceptable and needs to be sent back for repair or replacement. I feel your pain of finally getting
    something so anticipated and having it be less than perfect to say the least. I hope this is an isolated incident and you get
    taken care of promptly. When the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens first came out, I got mine after waiting four months on back
    order, only to get one with a defective focus mchanism. Two weeks later I got it back and had no problems since.
  12. Just out of curiosity, have you rotated the image at all with post processing?​
    The image is not rotated and is not processed at all. You can observe the dotted line on the screen of the D800. It's always on the same position regardless ob the orientation (the image is not rotated during playback).
    Regards, Marko
  13. Darn Marko, it looks like you got the short end of the stick on the rollout, not a perfect world, going to happen here and there.
    I agree with just getting your money back unless you are an NPS member. My D800 has a couple thousand clicks on it, LCD is fine, not green, perfect sensor, don't settle for anything less than that my friend...
  14. Marko, could you report back and let us know how the issue was resolved?
  15. Marko, could you report back and let us know how the issue was resolved?​
    It's not resolved yet. Yesterday I did't manage to return the camera because the shop was closed due to inventory. So I returned the camera today and reported both problems: vertical line and green cast on the monitor screen of the camera. The shop directed the camera to local authorized Nikon repair service for the warranty repair or exchange.
    The repair person called me later by the phone and asked me to explain the screen problem. I am a little surprised that I had to explain it as it is quite obvious. The guy on the phone told me that they will not try to repair the camera but they will send it to Nikon Europe.
    I am a little sad because I had to part wit the new toy. I got spoiled very quick - D800 is a really fabulous camera.
    Yesterday I tested few old lenses by photographing the local brick wall and I was surprised how good is 24 mm f/2.8 Ais on D800 at f8 and even at f11. Good for me because I do not have proper wide angle zoom for FX.
    Regards, Marko
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    Now we are in mid June, D800 supply is much improved so that I don't think it will be that hard to find a replacement camera.
    Marko and Amero, could you both keep us posted on how Nikon handles your situations? Thanks in advance.
  17. Nikon is actually changing the sensor of my D800.
  18. I had the same problem with my Nikon d800. It was a green and yellow horizontal line going across every picture. It was very faint and hard to see, but it was there and in a very crucial part of my photos. I'm very disappointed with Nikon! Their seems to be so many problems with the d800. I never read anything bad about Canon cameras! For the money Nikon wants for this camera, it should be flawless. I ended up replacing the camera from Best buy. I thought I would be able to upload a pic, but by the looks if it, I take it that I can't on this site!? Weird!

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