Problem with Canon Selphy CP800

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by craig_shearman|1, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Canon Selphy CP800, the little dye sub printer that does only 4x6 prints. The prints looked good but there was consistently a dark line -- maybe one row of pixels -- down the left side of the photo in the horizontal postiion or across the top (same position on the paper) in the vertical position. This was about a half an inch from the edge of the image area. A printed line, not the line where the perforations in the paper are. Called Canon and they said most likely a defective ink cartridge so I got another cartridge, same problem. Finally returned the printer and got another. Now I'm trying it and getting the same problem, both with the same files I tried originally and other ones, both files on a CF card straight out of the camera and on a thumb drive. Have printed the same files on other printers and checked the images in Photoshop and the line is not in the images, just on the Selphy prints. Anybody else had this problem? Any quick fix before I return the printer again and go back to an Epson Picturemate like I had before?
  2. Reviving an old thread but I thought it would be interesting to note that I am testing a Selphy 1300 (a current model; brand new printer, brand new canon paper+cartridge set) and I noticed the same issue exactly. I have found some other posts across different forums, often unresolved, where people describe it as a faint, yet slightly darker, line about 15mm from the perforated paper edge. It looks like it is inherent to the printer's design?
    This is especially visible with lighter, solid colours, such as a sky and easily missed if printing darker colours or patterns.

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