Problem with a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 and a 35mm CZ lens

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  1. Over the past week-end I found a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 at the Thrift Store in town for $19 (body only). It was responsive at all shutter speeds, even the timer was working. The winding lever was wobly but still in place so I decided to buy it. I fixed the lever quickly but it bothers me that it won’t work with my CZ Distagon 35mm/ 2.8. I'm not familiar with this camera but from what I read it should work with the CZ lenses in Contax mount.
    The lens mounts just fine but after I press the shutter the aperture on the lens closes at the preset position but the metal shutter is not opening. This is sort of a locked position.
    I can take out the lens the normal way and then camera works well again. I’m probably missing something or camera has a problem that I cannot figure out. Any ideas of what can be wrong?
  2. Yes, the Distagon should work with this camera.
    So the question is, does the lens work correctly on another Contax or Yashica body?
  3. I have used my 35/2.8 Distagon successfully on an FX-3 but have not tried them with my FX-3 Super or FX-3 Super 2000 cameras. There is no reason it shouldn't work with these cameras if they are in good working order. The Super 2000 has even more plastic in it and seems more lightly built in general than the FX-3. I am waiting to compare the Distagon to the 35.2.8 Yashica ML but that lens is out for service. It had tight focusing when I got it. I think the Super 2000's winding mechanism is somewhat delicate.
  4. Check the travel of the aperture shut-down lever on the lens. Might be getting stuck before it closes down all the way, so then the camera can't move it's lever all the way, and thus doesn't go on to trip the shutter.
  5. Thank you very much for your input. I will check again after work this evening.
    John, the lever on the lens was the first I checked and it travels easy and snaps back into place fast. thanks
  6. Gents, I fixed the problem and I will post here the solution so it can be of use to other people. Funny that one of the PN members addressed this issue back in 2006 and got the right solution from a gentleman by the name of Gary E. so I give full credit to Gary E. Apparently cameras made by Kyocera around that time ( mid '80) like Yashica FX-3 and Contax RTS II had the mirror applied in the frame with some glue that softens in time allowing the mirror to slide down and ultimately interfere with the lens when the lens is mounted on the camera. Since you cannot push back the mirror in place (glue is soft but not melted) I had to apply heat to the back of the mirror using a hair dryer (keep the mirror up on shutter B). In about 30 sec the glue softens to the point where you can easily push the mirror back in place. Once the mirror cools down it will stay in place and the lens can be mounted and working normal. If the glue will give up and let the mirror slide again that is another issue, I was thinking to apply little spots of fresh glue on the side of the mirror to stick it to the frame but I was afraid not to damage so I'm OK for now and see how it behaves after I use the camera for a while. I'm really happy I was able to bring this camera back to life and look forward to run some film through it. Thank you PN

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