Problem with a F3. New user.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by danny_liao, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I just recently picked up a used F3. Everything works fine except
    everytime I load a fresh roll, I have to fire off a few frames for the
    meter to work. It doesn't matter where I set the shutter speed
    (1/2000, 1/250, or AUTO), the meter reads 1/80 until I get to the
    fourth frame mark on the counter. Is there any way I could adjust
    this or do I have to take it to a shop?

  2. Nothing wrong here. This is normal. The F3 is built that way. The meter won't work until
    the camera is sure you have gone through the film lead for good.

    Enjoy it. It's a wonderful camera.
  3. Check this site, Danny:

    index.htm "
  4. The f3 is supposed to do that. It's a "feature" that is supposed to get you to the first frame of shootable film faster than if you were in auto for example with the lens cap on, you won't get a 30 second exposure when you fit the shutter release the first time. Nothing to worry about!
  5. If you've ever loaded film and unwittingly shot off blank frames that take 8 seconds each, you'll understand why the 1/80 is a blessing.

    Enjoy - it is one of the best cameras ever made.
  6. You have to wind off 3 frames before the meter becomes active. You will notice that the frame counter starts below zero. Wind to frame one.

    The reason is as stated above. If the camera were in auto mode with the lens cap on, your coffee would get cold before the shutter would close.
  7. Here's a trick which is of dubious value. If you take the camera off AUTO, and use manual speeds of 1/60 or slower, the shutter WILL set to the speed you want it at. Of course, if you're foolish enough to set it at 8 seconds, then that's what you'll get. <p>Usually the first 2 frames are light fogged and useless. However, I have found that the 3rd frame (-1 or 0 on the film counter) MAY be perfectly useful. However, YMMV, and don't blame me if you screw up the picture of a lifetime because you were trying to get 38 exposures out of a 36 exposure roll.
  8. If you want shoot the frames before "1", keep the Nikon F3 in manual mode and keep the right exposure by hand held meter.

    Vincenzo Maielli Italy
  9. Thanks for all the suggestion. Unfortunately, I have to get to the 4th frame to get the meter to activate. It does not activate at frame 1, meaning frame 1 on the counter. So for me, I have to blow through the two frames before 0 and then 3 more after 0 on the counter. Any suggestions on how to set it so I won't have to waste 3 good frames?
  10. Leave the lens cap on and deploy the multiple exposure device until your meter works? Your
    situation sounds like something's amiss.
  11. See a repair lab. The meter of my F3 work properly at first frame.

    Vincenzo Maielli Italy
  12. The F3 meter should function from Frame 1 on the counter and up. If it is taking until Frame
    4 on the counter, have it checked. The camera may need adjustment or repair, but I don't
    know if you can do anything yourself.

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