Problem posting comments to photo uploads

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by stevemarcus, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Sometime after 10:40 PM EST, I found that I was unable to successfully
    post comments to photo uploads. I am receiving "Comment Inserted"
    notifications, but my comments are not showing up. Is anyone else
    experiencing this problem?
  2. This may be a problem specific to Mozilla. I'm able to post comments using Internet Explorer just fine.
  3. I'm talking to myself here, but I may have identified the problem (although I don't necessarily understand it). Last night, I changed my Mozilla Cache preferences in "Compare the page in the cache to the page on the network:" from "Every time I view the page" to "Never". I changed it back to the former setting and can now post comments to photo uploads again.
  4. Steve, keep it going. You are having a great conversation with yourself.
  5. Man, you interrupted me, Peter. (-;
  6. Sorry,proceed.

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