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  1. Afternoon all,
    I just tried to download images from my wife's D50 through an old Dazzle card reader. The card is a 2GB Kingmax SD card that I bought when I ordered the used body from KEH. I can view the several hundred images on the camera but I get a message that I need to format the card before I can do anything with it. I always format a card in the camera it is being used in each time I download all the images and before the first use of the card. She's had this camera about 18 months and never got around to downloading anything so this is the first attempt. The card is not used in any other camera we own. Correct me if I am wrong but if I let the computer format the card, won't I lose all the images? The reader, though dated and slow, continues to work with all my CF cards. The D50 is the only one we have using SD cards. Ideas?
    Rick H.
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    Does the D50 let you connect it directly to a computer so that you can upload the images?

    Otherwise, I would try a different card reader and as a last resort, use some recovery software to get the images back.
    You will lose all images if you run a full format on the card. You will still have a chance to recover if you do quick format.
  3. Try a different card reader. Occasionally I experience odd glitches with certain media and devices. I have one Lexar 8GB SD card that locks up my laptop if I insert it directly into the laptop's media card reader, but it works fine if I use an inexpensive all-in-one external USB card reader. That same Lexar card works fine when inserted directly into my desktop's card reader. It's the only SD card I have that misbehaves that way. Doesn't matter which camera I use it in, how many times I format it for use with a specific camera, etc., that one Lexar card is glitchy with the laptop's built-in reader.
  4. Connect the D50 to the computer. And read the images through the camera.
    I'm pretty sure the D50 has a setting for USB mode. It should be set to Mass storage mode. Then the D50 appears as a memory card reader when you hook it up to the computer and turn it on.
  5. If nothing has been downloaded in 18 months, there is a good possibility that the card's capacity was "over run", which can lead to all kinds of issues - including a corrupted file table, which would probably give a message asking for a formatting. Recovery software would be my first suggestion.
  6. Yeah she tends to let it go a long time between downloads. My mom is even worse. It's been so long since I've downloaded straight from the camera (like 2004 maybe?) I'd forgotten you could do that. It worked perfectly though, everything went straight to a folder on the hard drive and quite quickly. I've formatted the card in the camera and will test it before we leave town Monday. Thanks everyone!!
    Rick H.

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