Pro kit list for Wedding photography (D100 based)

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by paul_murphy|4, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Like many others out there, have made my decision and will be
    upgrading to digital. I have decided on the Nikon D100.

    I have an F80 slr, Sb28 flash, nikon28-80mm, nikon80-200mm, nikon50mm
    f1.8, and Sigma macro 28-105.

    I would like to know what equipment will be required to go with this
    for successful wedding photography?

    What are my lens options? buy new or use current?

    What is the best memory card combo?

    What about batteries? Use 2 lithium's or buy the Mbgrip for AAs`?

    Is the SB28 flash compatible also?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Upgrading to digital? Them's fightin' mean switching to digital, right? ;-)
  3. Just estimate how many images you may shoot at a larger wedding. Then figure out the
    amount of images you'll get per CF card (not counting deletions) based on wether you
    shoot RAW (recommended), Tiffs or J-Pegs). Then how many exposures with the LCD
    review on that you can get from a set of batteries. Then add to that for safety sake.
    I carry 8 gigs worth of CF cards to every wedding (with another 4 gigs in the truck just in
    case, but I am shooting with a camera that's double the meg count of the D-100).

    I'd recommend using 512 meg CF cards with a 6 meg camera, and get a padded carrier for
    them. Once you use them, turn them upside down so you don't accidently grab a full one.
    Do not clear them until you have the images in at least 2 separate locations (desk-top & a
    CD or DVD copy or a second hard-drive.

    The SB28 didn't work with my old D1-X so I assume it wouldn't with the D-100. Look on
    the Nikon site to check. Two flashes are a good idea. An off camera flip-flash bracket &
    cord, plus any diffusion device you may want.

    Lenses are up to you based on your style of shooting.

    I carry 3 fully charged sets of batteries for each camera , but you need to figure out the life
    of the D-100 batteries.

    A good tripod and cable release.

  4. Hi Paul,
    I don't know if you need what I am going to say, but probably others will:
    Stepping into the wedding business is mainly about marketing, marketing, insurance, business skills, marketing, networking, marketing etc. Very little about equipment - of course, provided you already have reliable gear and back-up.
    It is more important to know what you have (really know in the dark, upside down, with gloves on ;-) that have the latest and greatest of technology.
  5. For starters, a pair of Nikon D100 bodies.

    Two -DX speedlights, along with a flash bracket, and SC-17 cords (two?)
    Probably four to six memory cards, and three to four sets of batteries.

    The SB-28 will work on the D100, but not in TTL mode, you need a Nikon speedlight with the -DX on the nameplate.
  6. Wim Van Velzans response is the absaloutely best peice of advice you will ever,ever receive.
  7. Hmmm, good advice for many, but not what Paul asked for, nor is he beginner. I visited
    his web site and saw that he already knows how to market himself quite nicely IMO. BTW,
    some nice wedding images Paul.

    Equipment IS an issue if a film photographer makes the decision to go digital as many
    wedding shooters are doing these days. Paul's question is just another value of sites like
    this. I wish I had help such as this when I moved into digital. The learning curve is steep at
    first, and missteps can be very expensive.
  8. The SB28 didn't work with my old D1-X so I assume it wouldn't with the D-100.
    Nor the D70. There's a newer SB-28 model variant which does work, I'm told.
  9. Thank you all for some good advice. In reply to Kevin Mendenhall ,
    "Upgrading to digital? Them's fightin' mean switching to digital, right? ;-)"
    Oops sorry, wouldnt want to start debating about the pros and cons of film Vs digital would we! I mean switching to digital! :-> thanks.
  10. Marc --

    I just saw your web site and your work is inspiring. I'm curious about what's mainly in
    your kit.
  11. Thanks, but sorry David, but I hate my web site right now. 50% of the images are going
    bye-bye as soon as I get the time to work with a web designer. It was my first one years
    ago, (a cookie cutter pre-design) and I got what I paid for. Now it just irritates me every
    time I look at it. The next one will allow me to up-date it.

    IMO, other site links people have provided here are more inspiring than mine.

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