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  1. I don't know what I have done but suddenly all my prints look as if they are grossly over sharpened, too bright,
    and contrasty..
    I use Photoshop 7 in Windows 7 and have done for about three months with no problems. I suspected I had made some
    error on the set up for Photoshop 7 so removed the programme and re-installed it but the results are the same.
    When I load a picture into Photoshop 7 the image on the screen is perfect, it is only on printing that it goes
    wrong. I have used an HP Photosmart 7960 for several years with no trouble whatsoever. Can anyone kindly show me
    what I have done wrong?
  2. How are you using or implementing sharpening?
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  4. I don't know this printer, but if you have printed on it successfully before, and you have not suddenly changed the way you sharpen your images, my guess is that a setting in the printer driver has been changed without you noticing it. Something like 'photo enhancement' or 'photo sharpen' or its like. It may be hidden in a sub menu, so you might have to do a bit searching.
    Note: I'm not referring to the Photoshop printer settings, but the printer driver settings that pop up when you have selected the printer and then pushed the 'Print settings' button. This will pop up the printer driver's settings where you can change paper settings and all sorts of things.
    Note about sharpening: Normally when I am sharpening, I will inspect the result in both 100% zoom and also zoomed approximately to the actual size (i.e. the final print and the image on the screen will be about the same size). None of these will show you exactly how the result will be, but over time you will gain experience on how it should look for acceptable results.
    Hope you find the solution.
    Best wishes,
    Frode Langset
  5. I have not used any sharpening at all. The images are straight from the camera.
  6. Thanks for your comments. I have resolved it by removing and re-installing both printer drivers. I was told this can happen with Windows 7. That does seem strange as an explanation though.

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