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  1. Hey - anyone else having trouble accessing Printroom online? Seems they let
    their domain name lapse.
  2. I just got off the phone with my account manager, Eddie. He stated that they are having technical difficulties with their ISP. The domain is renewed and their site is NOW UP. If you are still not able to access the site is because the internet servers, DNS servers, are still refreshing around the world. There always going to be bumps on the road but i'm confident Printroom will smooth this one out. If you weren't able to get through on the phone, keep in mind they are a fairly large company and probably are bombarded with calls. Be patient and check back frequently. Your site will be back up.
  3. If the Domain name server (DNS) for your ISP has not updated, and you still can't get in, try going directly to the IP address, which is so in the domain name, just replace with

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