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  1. Hello,
    What is neccesary for printing resume on back of headshot. I called Kinkos and they were no help. They wanted to
    print the shot as well. If I have topkote paper, can it go thru a printer and not damage the image? Other options?
    George M
  2. There is an 8x10 gummed label available. Copy onto those and stick them on the back.
  3. Look at the small ads in the back of Shutterbug. There's a company I think called ABC (not sure of the name) that specializes in printing headshots. You give them an 8x10 print and they run off high quality copies on a printing press at a ridiculously low price -- maybe 500 copies for $95 or something like that. The resume can be printed on the back by them for a small additional charge, or you can leave it blank and run them through a Xerox machine. This is the company that virtually every model and actor across the country uses. The type of print they make is what casting directors expect, not a photo print with a big label on the back. You can either send your headshot clients to them, or better yet farm out the business to ABC yourself, mark it up and sell it to your client. They can do it far cheaper than you could ever do it yourself in house. (Keep in mind that Avery office labels can easily cost $1 a sheet or more on top of whatever it cost you to print the photo.)
  4. If you are printing yourself you can simply pick a paper WITHOUT the brand name printed on the back and run it through the printer twice: first time for the text, second for the picture.

    However, shouldn't be too hard to find a printing service that can do that for you.
  5. What my clients are looking for is to be able to update or reform resume with the picture. I thought I have heard you can do that with the headshots, just have them printed in bulk, then at a later date just print the back resume on how ever many you may want to at that time.
  6. George,

    Its a nice thought but as a working actor, freelance caster, and photographer I find that the prints aren't sturdy enough when held in one hand. That resume helps gives the print the needed weight and backbone. All headshots should be printed with fuji paper too IMO.

    I thought of this in the beginning of my acting career but I found it too expensive and really the easiest way to update is simply print out the new resume and staple it on the back.

    ABC is lith printing. dots on a page that can be seen with the naked eye... Looks good but when compared side by side to other headshots it will look very amateur. Nobody in theatre or commercial/advertising in Chicago uses ABC printing that I know of. Maybe for Model Comp cards and that's about it.
  7. Go to . They have a heavy weight paper that you can have your headshots printed on and then print your resume on the back, as you need it, on your home photo inkjet printer. They do a great job.
    Unfortunatly they are quite expensive and I myself came to this forum to find another, less expensive option. I guess there are none so I will go back to reproductions and pony up the cash. At least I know they do a great job.
  8. You can print your resume on the back of photo headshots if you run them through a laser printer. The Actor's Photo Lab prints their photo 8x10 reproductions on paper that has no water mark. You can check out their website at . Hopefully this was helpful.

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