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  1. I need to buy a printer to get my Gala Dinner photos printed in the spot during an event. I would like them printed 5x7 with a border and company name. I would like to know what's the setup for this? Are there any cables available which upload the photos direct to the laptop? I was looking at the compact photo printers like the HP A636. Anyone has one of these? I would like to know what's the actual cost per print and the dual cycle of this printer. I am estimating to print about 50 prints per week. Do photos take long to dry up before I can put them in an envelope and give them to the clients?
    Anyone could help please?
  2. There are dedicated machines for this you can buy or even rent. At an event, I would avoid using a consumer based product and the unit you described is already discontinued. Prints are dry immediately with a professional machine and take about 30 seconds to a minute to print. You can see some of them here.
  3. I agree with Rich. They are not much to rent in most areas and sometimes or most times they deliver to you.
  4. I like the renting idea. But I would recommend taking the printer on a test drive so as you know how to operate it when you use it at the event. If you have a laptop take it to the store where the printer is located & learn the ins & outs so as you won't be slowed down at the event.
    My son was at an event his employer put on and they had a photo session for all attendees and he said what slowed it down was the printing.
  5. Unfortunately I am from Malta and it's very difficult to find printer rentals here. I have to buy a printer for sure. I would not like to spend much and the dye sublimation printers you suggested are quite expensive. However I think that's the only option I have. If you have any suggestions regarding any of these printers kindly let me know.
    Thankyou all for your help
  6. Another option I present to potential event clients is to show the photographs to each participant at the event with your computer then burn them to a CD and that's it. I also include a copyright release as I negotiate the "rights" into the pricing of the event. It actually costs less as I don't have the printer expenses - ink, paper with at least one person running the printer. For most events I can capture in jpeg as this makes the process quicker and I've got the lighting & other ingredients set up.
    I've also worked some events where I show the photographs then simply email one file to the client.
    You could also use an internet based print fulfillment business to try to get additional sales. I don't use this option as I like to get my money up front with a fee from the client.
    Hope this helps you.
  7. Bernadette,
    I have several SONY UPCR10L SnapLab Printers and I love them. You can purchase them online for about $1,000 USD. They will make a 5x7 in about 20 seconds and it comes out DRY. It's a dye-sublimation printer that uses a ribbon cartridge that's transferred to the paper with heat. Total cost per print is about .60 cents US. The best part is that you don't need a computer onsite. Just create your border/logo ahead of time and load it onto a C/F memory card. Every few shots, just take your memory card from your camera and insert it into the printer and make the prints. It has a nice carry handle and only weighs about 20 lbs. Also, you can make about 175 prints without having to change anything and the prints come out cut to 5x7.
    There is no such thing as the ultimate piece of equipment, but in this case, it's really exactly what you need. Just about anything else you come up with will either use ink, require a computer, run slower and will probably need to be trimmed to size once it's printed. Please let me know if you have questions....-Aimee

    We just bought 2 more of these Sony printers, gearing up for the Holiday parties. These new printers cut the paper to size so you don't have to cut the borders. With older printer you would need to bring along a paper cutter which takes up time and often requires hiring another person.

    Shop around, $1300 or less is the discounted price.

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