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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by thourihanphoto, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Hi I am in a pickle,
    A picture I shot on a d200 is being placed on the back of Veloz Media's Trailer. Which is an 8ft by 10ft space. Apprently after sent through Adobe Illustrator becuase of the decals and logos, the Raw Image breaks up when it is streched to the 8 ft to 10 ft size.
    Any thought from people who've printed this big?
  2. Are you sizing it in Illustrator? I would do all sizing Photoshop and then bring it into Illustrator.
  3. What Drew said. Also... the company that's actually doing the printing deals with this issue all the time. I would imagine that they have some very specific pointers on how to approach the preparation of the file.
  4. Definitely upsize using photoshop, but you do need to speak to the printers to find out the specs first. otherwise you could be wasting your time.
  5. Drop your PPI. You don't need more than 50ppi for 10 feet.
  6. Drop your PPI. You don't need more than 50ppi for 10 feet.​

    Dave you right, but you know there will be at least one *** who'll take a magnifying glass, will stand an inch away from the billboard and will say "hey this is must have been a low quality picture " lol
  7. If you use Photoshop, resize only 10 to 20 percent at a time. Keep resizing. You might have to resize 20 or 30 times, but much better output.
    Or consider Genuine Fractals which does a good job. The 50PPI idea is a great idea. Let us know how the end result comes out!
    Good luck,
  8. What Rich says. Ask your printer for the specs needed. It depends on the printing system. My printer asks for a minimum of 100ppp for Industrial Inkjet. Other systems need more.
  9. Resize outside of photoshop, there are applications that use better algorithms than bicubic smoother like lanzos etc.
    Dropping the ppi means this interpolation is done by the print driver instead but does give good results by all acounts. Even with 'normal' prints people have reported good results at 100ppi
  10. 8 feet by 10 feet is very limited... You will only get so much detail.
  11. Contact these guys...
    I had a 6ft. by 8ft. shot needed for a restaurant wall that these folks handled.

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