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  1. I printed a flyer using several photos in it. I printed 5000 a few years ago and was lucky with the print quality. I printed another 5000 now, quality is o.k. but not as clear and detailed as wanted.
    Now, I'm a musician and feel a bit a bit helpless in the world of print. What's the secret? Who is the guy I go to who garantees a certain quality?
    I guess this is a very general question for something that's very specific for me. I'd be glad to specify but don't know how. Anyone can help?
  2. I use to print promotional postcards, but they offer flyers, brochures, etc. The quality has been excellent as has been the service. They offer small print runs, which I find handy because I send out postcards 4 or 5 times a year, and like to use a different photo each time.
    I make sure they do not adjust the colors. When it's right on my calibrated screen, and right on paper coming out of my properly color-managed printer, they get it right the first time.
    Check them out, it may work for you.

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