Print Credit Pricing Question

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  1. I've been reading some posts here about giving print credit and it sounds like
    a good idea. <p>
    Anyone willing to share what pricing structure you use for prints given using
    credit? Do you just have one price list that you use for both the
    bride/groom's credit and for individual prints sold to them or family/guests
    outside the credit? Or do you price your prints differently? I assume no one
    offers prints at cost, right?
    Also, in your package offerings, do you offer the bride/groom the option to
    purchase additional print credit a la carte at maybe a small discount?
    Do you guarantee that your price list will not change from the time they sign
    the contract to after their wedding? Maybe for like 6 months anyway? Then
    the prices are open to going up.
  2. My print credits are part of a set package. For example, I offer a 6 hour package, which includes a set # of enlargements. If the bride decides she wants additional prints, she can order them. I have told brides who may want to order a large variety of additional prints that I can put together a custom print package. On top of that, I offer a discount of 25% for orders placed within a certain amount of time after the wedding. I haven't gotten any complaints about this of yet. As far as pricing changes, the package price remains the same once the contract is signed. I haven't changed my print prices in a while, and have not intentions to at this time.
  3. Our print credits are a dollar value, not really "credits" per se. A $500 Print Credit may be
    used to purchase prints at their current price. It's basically a gift certificate valid toward

    There is no discount on prints purchased using a credit.

    If someone wants to pre-pay for a larger Print Credit, that's fine. Again, no discount. It's
    just a dollar value toward prints of any size.

    We guarantee our rates at the time of booking until we close their contract (about 8 weeks
    after the wedding).

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