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  1. Greetings All!
    I am going to be including print credit (rather than fixed numbers of prints)
    for my weddings. I've pretty much got my pricing worked out, but have some
    open questions.
    In addition to giving the client the digital proofs, I have been posting
    a 'subset' of the photos to an online gallery (exposure manager) where the
    clients and guests can purchase prints. I use a different online lab to get
    the prints made.
    I'm wondering if I should direct the bride & groom to go ahead and redeem
    their print credit by ordering through this gallery or by contacting me
    If I have them use the online gallery that makes it a little easier, BUT...
    1) I would need to post all the proofs. I don't really have a size restriction
    on my galleries, but I feel that it makes it easier for guests to view the
    gallery when there's a smaller and better focused selection of photos. I
    really like the online galleries as a marketing tool and would rather not post
    hundreds and hundreds of proofs.
    2) I've set up my online ordering system to add tax and shipping to all print
    orders. The print credit is included in the wedding package, which the bride
    & groom have already paid tax for. It also seems a bit tacky to charge a few
    bucks in shipping for every order. I would like to be able to offer free
    shipping for maybe a couple of separate print orders.
    I guess I'm leaning towards keeping the online gallery for self-promotion and
    for additional orders, while letting the bride & groom redeem print credit by
    contacting me directly. It just kind of eliminates one of the potential and
    convenient benefits of print credit, which is to not have to wait for them to
    select their images and take orders. So I'm just looking for suggestions or
    examples of how other people deal with offering and fufilling print credit.
    Suggestion appreciated...
  2. Hi Rob, as far as my input...I post all of my proofs online (also on exposure manager) and haven't heard any complaints about guests having to shift through hundreds of photos. I've also had random guests order photos of themselves dancing or whatever, that may not have made your "cut" but, in my case, I was able to make a few extra bucks.

    I've only used the photo voucher option a couple of times, and in my case, I usually do it as a gift for couples, so they never put any money out upfront for tax, shipping etc. The last one I did, I added a $5 shipping credit as well. It's hard to determine something like that because you'll never know what shipping option they might want. That customer's shipping total came to just over $8, so he had to pay $3+ and I didn't get any compaints about it.

    Just my two cents, probably not very helpful....
  3. We have clients e-mail us with Print Credit requests. They receive an invoice that shows
    "Print Credit" as the form of payment.
  4. Rob,
    I use use online proofing through a different lab. They offer a way to do pre-paid credit for prints. Basically, I pay my wholesale price and issue the client a voucher number to be used at the checkout. I set up seperate galleries within galleries for ceremony, reception, extras, etc.

    I would love to hear your opinion of exposuremanager. I'm looking at a new lab and like their features, but I haven't seen a website of someone using them that appeals to me yet. I thought their sample galleries looked awkward. If you wouldn't mind, could you email me your thoughts of their service and your web address so I can see how you have it set up? I'd like to hear from Laura too.

    My email is sam(at)

  5. I've used PhotoReflect for an on-line ordering system.

    When it comes to print credit the client absolutely has to go directly through me. There is no way for me to handle a PC when it comes PhotoReflect. However ... your hosting service may have someway of allowing for that.
  6. The print credits, when I start using them this year in the Wedding part of my business, will be ordered by connecting with me because I want to have the personal contact with the bride and groom after the wedding; it's a good thing and I'll bet it will to lead to futher sales and future photo sessions for holiday times and when baby's are born ... I look at it as time spent nurturing a relationship that will potentially span a number of years as opposed to "the job is done, see ya' later."

    I'll include the shipping and tax in the price... again, it's a good service to the couples because it's simple for them and the perception of the service element is one thing couples love.

    They want to be taken care of and pampered a bit and be treated special.

    So, I'll tend to manage the print myself ... it's the end product, it's Important.

    If you see your business as "commerce" then the more impersonal methods would work best for this style. Know your style and go with it. Many brides prefer this more stoic approach to save time and keep distance; that's ok, it works for everyone.

    Right now, for photo sessions, I post on my website then they send me the file numbers and I will order the prints (WHCC is great) and drop ship out of state images or deliver them from my studio or they can come and pick them up (another opportunity to talk about future photographic needs or albums or just say hello ... it's a word of mouth approach).

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