Princess Victoria

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  1. Have ben having fun with my KOWA 6MM at the World Masters Track Championships at my workplace - the Manchester Velodrome. The light in the track centre is quite limited even with the full lights on so this was taken at f2.8 - 1/60th. Film is HP5 rodinl 1:50. The subject is GB's Victoria Pendleton who is the current world elite sprint champion and was presenting medals to Masters winners.
  2. Nice photo Andrea. Could easily be part of a fashion layout.
  3. Very nice photo!
  4. - OOF - very nice.

    (See what happens when the girl gets a decent camera in her hands. :)
  5. Andrea,

    That is a superb shot. Very good balanced and composed. Pitty you cuted her hands. Maybe you did'n but the scanner crop it a bit. Doesn't?

  6. Prima.
  7. Andrea, remarcable shot. Pricess should be proud of this picture. thanks for sharing
  8. Great, natural looking shot.

  9. She looks like teh real Princess Victoria of Sweden

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