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  1. I recently shot interior pictures for a hotel owner who is a common friend - received a very modest fee for my work. I have previously shot portraits of acquaintances and friends, only some of whom actually paid a small amount.
    How do I start pricing my interior and architectural work? I'm hoping to get assignments by word of mouth and references.
    How does it work - do i charge by hour or day or just an amount? How do i justify what I'm charging?
    Apologies for sounding this naive but I've mostly been shooting for people I know through friends and folks.
    Is there any value in setting up a separate Facebook account by name of my work with a link to a website? Just so that people can look at pictures and reach out or I reach out to them.
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    Welcome to the pain point of photography.
    You'll want to do some research into what others charge for similar work, as much as is possible. Don't be shy: you're charging for your skill, which is what your customer don't have. That's supposed to be worth something.
    Part of this depends upon how many pictures you deliver. A job agreement should indicate how many images will be delivered. Ideally you've already acquired enough information about how long that task will take you, from arrival to departure. Not including travel time you probably want to look at a minimum of $250 / hr (or more), images included in that, or a more modest hourly rate with pricing for the images based on usage.
    I have a friend that does weddings, and he'll shoot a wedding and deliver final edited digital images for approximately $400 / hr.

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