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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dave_cheng|1, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. I walked into Keeble & Schucat, a large photo equipment supplier here
    in the San Francisco South Bay, and saw a used P67II with 67II AE prism
    and a latest model 55mm/f4 for a price of $1250. There was an old
    style P67 hand grip as well. Apparently the camera was in mint
    condition, as I could not find even
    a tiny scratch anywhere. I paid mine a year and a half ago for
    $400 more but with a 105/f4.

    The salesman did not want to sell the lens alone so I could not get
    a price for the lens. The package deal was unbelievable. But K$S is
    a store that I trust no doubt. It was so tempting but I know if I
    picked it up wife would have given no dinner since then. So I just
    had to let it go to somebody else. But I can't forget the 55mm/f4.
    It looked more tempting than wife, I swear. I have a 2nd generation
    55mm/f4. It's no match with the latest model.

    Anyway, MF gear price is really falling. Is the price I saw real?
    What do you think?

  2. Well, a BUNCH of user-class P6x7 bodies have gone on ebay for under $200 recently. I picked up one that was in legitimately Ex- condition, with a plain prism for just over $200 a few months ago. And a bunch of 55mm lenses have gone on ebay for $250 to $350 recently depending on which version and their condition.

    But I have to say, the price you saw at K&S is roughly what I've been seeing the P67II body with AE finder alone selling for, with no lens. So, I'd say it was at least $300, possibly $400 below fair value, given that it had the 55mm f4 lens on it

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