Price for prints! What to charge?

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  1. Hello!
    I am a new photographer and i have a question, how much should one charge for prints? I have seen websites where
    an 8X10 is $20 which to me seems expensive but maybe its not. Also, where do most photographers print? Thanks
    in advance.
  2. As much as you would like. You could charge $50000 for an 8x10 if you want. Probably the best thing to do is consider the cost of the print (to you), the time/difficulty in getting them printed, and how you price otherwise. Some photogs go cheap up front and then make money selling prints, others do exactly the opposite. As far as printing goes, make sure to use a good lab and get to know the people who work there.
  3. I think $20 is a bit low actually. $28 to $60 for an $8X10 here is LA is the going rate. Hope this helps.
  4. I don't sell prints I sell what is on it. If someone wants an 8x10 they can get it for $2.20 if they want an image I have created for them, its gonna run quite a bit more.. :) Do a biz plan, don't don't don't price based on what anyone else does. You may base your price on their loss leader and go broke! Do the math. J
  5. As Jeff mentioned, you are selling your art and skills. If they wanted regular prints, let them go with pics from point and shoot.

    I learned this the hard way, when I started out, I thought I was over charging so I made my prices low. I got a lot of print sales. Now, here is lesson learned. I did not take into account the post process for each pic! I had to do final edits and resize them. Before I knew it, I was spending 10-15 mins per print. You times that by 100 or so and there goes your entire weekend.

    When you set print prices, you have to take into consideration a lot of things. Why do you think wedding albums are so expensive? It takes week to create them.
  6. Patty,

    IWhen the average
    pay rate per hour is $8-9, that constitutes a lot of hours of work to purchase just one photo. I understand that "art" is
    art but I consider that part - the creation of something beautiful - is inculded when the wedding fee is paid. I try to be
    as fair as I can with pricing for extra prints that don't come in the small package included. Example: I pay $2.10 for
    an 8x10 from (a high-quality online printing site), so charging $20 or $25 for that size is enough profit for

    And yes, I consider my photos to be much more than just the paper they are printed on.
  7. $20.00 is a lot for an 8x10 - but it depends on your location and the market there - if people are willing and comfortable with paying $20 for an 8x10 then thats good- but i live in lake charles,la and im targeting low income couples/families - so i charge what I feel is reasonable and less than my competitors but at the same time I am making a profit-
  8. Does anyone know of another thread like this on selling framed work? I am going to be showing (and selling) some photos in a coffee shop and I am curious about pricing.

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