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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by trooper, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. I find myself using my lighter equipment more and more but have yet
    to make a leap into the M system. I love my little Hexar Silver and
    the optics seem very good for the chores I put it to and my Minilux
    has been satisfactory as a pocket rig, too. I live in the northwest,
    deep woods country of Wisconsin and literally know no one with Leica
    M gear and have a 3 hour trip to even get to a metro area. I use a
    Fuji 645 folder and have enjoyed it over the years along with Bronica
    RF645 system. Before making the big decision to liquidate (at
    recently deflated values) part or all of my MF and 35mm SLR systems,
    I would like the chance to work in the darkroom with a representative
    few negatives that display the attributes of the better Leica
    offerings. I was hoping someone might have some "Culls" that were
    technically proper but not important or artistic images that I could
    have some hands-on experience with to solidify my decision. The few
    M series I've personally handled were very alluring and natural
    feeling for me and I already have a comfort level with RF operation,
    but need a "nudge" to validate the big decision. Contact off-list to
    arrange SASE or whatever details might be involved. Thanks very much!
  2. Perhaps a solution might be to rent a Leica from Ken Hansen Photographic in NYC( 212-317-0923). That way you can experience the feel and derive your own test results. Most rentals can be applied to the purchase of equipment. Ken Hansen is one of the most knowledgeable and reputable stores in the business. I have used them for over 20 years. HTH.
  3. Perhaps there is one or more of us not too far away. If anybody thinks they might live close enough to get together with Craig he could actually handle a Leica, maybe shoot a roll or two, get first hand tips.
  4. I'm in Wausau M-F.
  5. i can send extra negs but ...i like really overexposed negs and in Rodinal developer with longer developement Ralph Gibson.
    Lenses...i have a collapsible Summicron 50mm,slightly soft at max and very good at smaller apertures.Flare control to say the least is NIL.
    Long lenses are 135mm Hektor,scratches in inside elements! and 135mm Tele-Elmar,very,very sharp and contrasty.So you would see whats possible...i use Ilford HP-5.
    If still interested write me at my e-mail.

    FWIW getting a Leica is easy.Pay big bucks!Even for old stuff!
    Thats the GOOD news! The bad news is it is a very different kind of camera and requires a "mind set".You already have tasted a rangefinder VS slr,so change not difficult.Right now every single pro
    here in Toronto is getting rid of their Hasselblads and Mamiyas.Prices of medium format very lousy! So maybe you should keep the darn thing or sell privately.I never liked 6x4.5.Personal.I sold my Pentax 67 to get a M6.I never used the fat Pentax.In 20 yrs less than 100 films if that!!Now i have a camera I use almost everyday,and when i don't,its my old Ziggy.(M3).I do use slr and its Nikon-F or Pentax K.
    I like your idea! Its a good way to see the difference!
    A better way is to shoot some pix on M and others with similar lenses on say my Pentax.The difference is visible without printing!
    Its a contrast thing.
    Whatever,you will become a Leica user...
  6. Think twice before ridding yourself of all your MF gear completely. A good toolbox has both hammers *and* screwdrivers, no?
  7. Dear Craig:
    Why not rent a Leica M6 and lens from a reputable dealer?

    I know that E.P. Levine in Boston,, has a Leica M6 for rent. Since they ship Fed Ex, whether they send the camera to you in Wisconsin or me in New Hampshire shouldn't matter.

    I'm sure other dealers have similar rental programs.

    Best of luck.

    Roger C. Parker

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