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  1. Hello, I recently shot a few rolls of kodachrome 64. I have always just kept my processed slides in the little box that it comes back to me in from Dwayne's photo. I was wondering if this is the best method to keep the slides preseverd and in top shape? I was thinking of putting them into a slide tray for easy viewing because id like to look at them on a projector every once in while. Another alternative that i thought of was that i thought id just get a few of those plastic sheets in which you can store your slides individaully in its own little protactive case, much like the sleeves you use to store negatives. But i didnt really know which method is best, or does it really matter? Thanks for your help, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I have recently viewed some old slides in plastic sleeves and was not pleased by some moisture I found in some of them. The ones left in the original box look fine, but I'll be moving them to a similar box that is archival. I would probably not store them in trays because the plastic they use may emit toxic fumes.
  3. I keep them mostly in the original boxes with the date and subject(if they are all one trip or event). I have some in Airequipt aluminum slide holders and magazines which I'm too lazy to put back in boxes but I've labelled the magazines.
  4. I use the Logan Electric slide boxes (metal). No worries about off-gassing of plastics.
  5. My Kodachromes all the way back to the 1960's are kept in the plastic
    Hanimex 120 slide drums with no ill effect. The drums kept in their
    cardboard cases of course.
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    Like Paul Lewis I use Logan metal slide boxes for my Kodachromes. My father's Kodachromes from the 1950s have been in Logan metal slide boxes since at least since the early 1960s. When I first acquired my father's Kodachromes in the Logan boxes, I did a search and found the same box is still produced today. I've seen them at B&H, Logan Electric SLide File #110 (what I use).
  7. I also keep my K-'Chromes in the little yellow & white box they came in via Dwaynes. I take the best ones and stick those in plastic sleeves. All of these are, in turn, kept in a foot locker with a giant Zorb -It pasted inside.
  8. Note that Kodachrome's longetivity is based on dark storage. They don't last as long under projection as E6 chromes do.
    Bill Pearce

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