preliminary note For Dec. 1st - Proposed photo theme - your old corner store

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gib, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. gib


    To give people a chance to shoot some new images with their old classic cameras, I am
    posting this suggestion today, for image posting starting in a new thread I will start on
    Dec. 1st.

    I use the term "corner" store. The old store near you that you use to buy a newspaper or
    candy or cigarettes, or just a loaf of bread or milk when you dont want to go into the main
    grocery store. It may be the store that you can walk to. The store that is at the corner
    where you step off the subway or trolley or bus as you head home.

    Some other terms I have seen for this kind of sales establishment, "variety" or
    "convenience" store.

    A couple of years ago I posted a shot of a store of this type and it had an old time look
    and feel, cluttered windows, hand lettered signs, an old tile entranceway, slightly recessed
    store (I think built in the 1920s) - it struck a chord with a lot of North Eastern US photo

    I think it might be interesting to see the look and feel of this kind of store from around the

    if you have a photo sitting on your computer that fits this description, please go ahead
    and post them today. If this suggestion, brings one to mind, then please try to get out
    with your classic camera and get a shot or two.

    Both exteriors and interiors would be welcome.
  2. Here's the Philomont General Store, ca. 1913, corner Snickersville Pike and Jeb Stuart Road, Loudoun County Virginia. Another good idea for a thread, WJ, thanks. Dennis
  3. Here is one in Clarksville Tennesse that sells Portable gas products along with the 6 pack. Larry
  4. Vitessa N
  5. Nikon F, 28mm, Delta 400, DDX

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