Pregnant Wedding Photographer, would this matter to you?

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  1. I am a fairly new photographer, but on a combination of luck and good referrals,
    already have three weddings scheduled for next year and two within the next
    month. I am pregnant right now and with one of the weddings, will be 7-8 months
    pregnant next year. My question is this; as a bride/or groom, would you feel
    uncomfortable having a big cumbersome pregnant lady running around taking shots?
    I am naturally athletic anyways, so it's not like I'm not going to be able to
    pull myself out of a chair, but I will definitely be pregnant looking. Has
    anyone even SEEN a pregnant wedding photographer? I've assured one of my brides
    that I will be able to get all of the important shots and will be there for the
    full 8 hours, but she still seems a little uneasy. Any thoughts/ideas?
  2. Not all pregnancies are alike of course.

    Assure her you will have an assistant and any way, the problem may all be in her head.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and on launching your new business.
  3. ray


    My assistant (2nd photographer) was pregnant last year. Never a problem with our clients as I was the primary photographer. But by month 7, she was definitely not in a position to run around and take pictures with her usual athletic vigor. I did all the lifting of the heavy equipment and I did the bulk of the running around as well. Also, I had to cover for her during her bathroom breaks.

    Bottom line, if you're working by yourself, I can easily see why your client is uneasy about this. Make sure that you have a very competent assistant and provide all assurances that you will have a backup for youself if you are unable to make it.

    In my case, I took the extra precaution of booking a assistant to my assistant (3rd photog). You never know when a pregnancy might end up in bed rest the last few weeks/months. Fortunately, everything went well in my case and showing up with three photographers in all won me a lot of brownie points with the client.

    Good luck with your business and off course your pregnancy.
  4. Honestly, as someone who was born six weeks prematurely, I'd be more worried that some sort of medical thing (like a premature birth) would happen and that you'd miss the wedding, or that due to some complication (are you sure it's not twins?) you would not have the energy to run around as much as a non-pregnant person.

    ...But having a pregnant lady running around taking photos wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

  5. i don't think i would be comfortable at all knowing my photographer may not be there, because she's only 6 weeks away from childbirth. (you said 8 months right?) not to mention, you shouldn't get on a chair/stool, bend down for different angles, not sleep well, heartburn, feet difficulties, ect... for anything else besides MY once in a lifetime event, hey, no problem. do you have a backup photographer? is it a sure thing?
  6. thats my thoughts as a client, by the way.
  7. In the spring, I turned down quite a few weddings that fell right in September and October because of my pregnancy. I'm at 8 months, and was an active person prepregnancy. Boy am I glad I did. Now, active means waddling down some trails with numerous potty breaks, jugs of water, and stops to rest. I've been shooting in studio, and if I have two two hour shoots back to back, that gets to me.

    It's not so easy, and pregnancy, even with great nutrition and care can be unpredictable.

    I would reccommend, from my current experience, not to book at eight months. But, to each their own, and its just my 2 cents.
  8. This must be your first pregnancy! I was the same way ... thinking I'd be at 100% up 'til the
    day I gave birth. Yeah, well, that didn't happen! Even if you're naturally athletic and in
    great shape, being 8 months pregnant can be pretty rough. Even if you're not exhausted
    all the time from lack of sleep, your tummy will surely be knocking things off tables
    without you even realizing it! I'd say no bookings after 7 months just to be safe.

    Both of my babies came early, by the way. Lots of babies come at 8 months! It's so close to
    full term, doctor's don't even worry about babies that come at 8 months. If I were a bride,
    that's what I'd be worried about. If you do go ahead and book, make sure you have a
    backup photog who's at least as good as you and can deliver what you're promising.

    That said ... CONGRATS and good luck! You'll have a blast taking baby pictures! :)
  9. I have three kids and am on my fourth and I can't imagine doing an eight hour wedding while eight months pregnant. Is this your first baby?? I'm sure it can be done, but what if you go into labor early? Or get pre-eclampsia? So many things in pregnancy are completely unpredictable no matter how you care foryourself. I am not at all saying you won't be able to do it, but you should have a very good back up plan, if not two! Good luck!
  10. I've been wondering the same thing, as I am planning my 2nd pregnancy just as I'm getting my photography business off the ground. With my first pregnancy, I felt great until the end and had lots of energy. But wedding photography involves such long hours and is physically demanding. I can understand why the bride might be a little worried. As long as you have a very competent assistant, it should be fine and should set the bride's mind at ease. Good luck to you! Please let us know how it goes.
  11. Wow Congrats! I'd be a tad worried too if it were my wedding. Go to the wedding, have a blast, do some work, but have others do most of it for you. Let the B&G know whats up now, so there are no surprises. I'm sure they will be cool with it.
  12. Well, if it were me I'd be very worried about booking you.
    I've known a number of women go through pregnancies, and by month eight none of them were happy standing for long periods, let alone actually working hard in a crowd of people. A couple of them got seriously tired just walking very moderate distances. I applaud your optimism, but it's unlikely you'll be able to work as efficiently as you hope.
    There's also the fact that at this point you have no idea what will happen closer to the time. For instance, a friend of mine was induced for medical reasons 4 weeks before full term. So, unfortunately pregnancies can often run rather unpredictably.
    It's not for me to give you any advice, but maybe it would be fairer to your client if you passed on this opportunity, and allowed them the security of hiring someone else?
  13. I'd think it was pretty cool. Part of the celebration of life.
  14. of course, i had two babies, and had no problems at all...
  15. here's me after a climb down grand canyon
  16. Tim should be your backup! :)
  17. I'm 7 months along and I've been shooting but definitely not with as much energy. I have reassured brides by letting them know that I'm having an assistant with me and in the event of an early delivery, I'll be able to provide another photographer of equal experience and style to replace me.
  18. I shot a wedding with my husband/partner at 8 months. It actually works well
    b/c people comment on it, initate conversation and it sort of confers good
    vibes on the bride and groom's future fertility as well. Because of it being sort
    of unusual and very respectable, that you're working so hard while so
    pregnant, the photos you get of people will be super. They'll open up and
    share with you in a way they might not were you simply the wedding
    photographer lady! So count it as an asset and rest as much as poss
    between episodes of shooting.
  19. I haven't posted before, but this question hits really close to home. I am at the beginning of my ninth month. Next Friday, my sister in law is getting married. Not only am I the assistant photographer (my husband, her brother is the primary photographer), but I'm also her wedding coordinator! In fact, I'm being induced on the 16th - just ten days after her wedding!

    As long as you're comfortable and realistic with your abilities, your doctor believes you'll be healthy, AND you have a backup that the B&G are comfortable with, I say go for it! Just take care of yourself and be in tune with your body. If, as your pregnancy progresses, you have any doubts whether you'll be up for it, be honest with the B&G and put the assistant in charge of the photography.

    Good luck and congrats!
  20. Hello! This is my first post - actually I signed up to respond to you. Your intention is
    pure, but...
    The photographer at my wedding was pregnant - only 5 months, but was in the hospital
    the day before and tried as she may - it did not turn out well for us. We spent a great deal
    of money for her 'eye' - and it wasn't there. If I had known that they we trying to get
    pregnant, I would not have booked.

    Give your brides the option to keep the contract or let it go... your business may have a
    slower start than you planned, but your brides will thank you for it!
    Blessings to you and your new family!
  21. When I worked in a lab that was used by most of the wedding photographers in our area, I got to see most of their work. We had one customer who obviously didn't know when to say no and was pregnant two times in the two years I worked there. Her work was OK most of the time, she definatly had better moments, but when she was pregnant her work went down hill. I don't know if it was the physical component or if she was just distracted, but her work definatly wasn't what it usually is. Just something to think about, if you know that your work won't change then it's not a problem, but also know that it might.

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